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SHINee x Skechers – Cap and Shirt

Price : $34.00
Onew : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149898613
Key : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149900325
Taemin : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149901878
Minho : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149904573
Jonghyun : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149907909

Price : $42.00
Onew : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149823750
Key : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149881567
Taemin : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149885772
Minho : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149889392
Jonghyun : http://shop.naver.com/skechers2013/products/149891382

Get them in a set at $69.00 instead of $76.00!

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