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BTOB 5th Mini Album – Move

Price : $18.00 comes with free poster while stock last

Release date : 2014.09.30

Tracklist :
01. 넌 감동이야
Composed by 텐조와 타스코 / Lyrics by 텐조와 타스코, 이민혁, 정일훈 / Rap making 프니엘 / Arranged by 텐조와 타스코
02. 잘 지내겠죠
Composed by E.one / Lyrics by E.one, 이민혁, 정일훈 / Arranged by E.one
03. Happening
Composed by 서재우, Brian Lee / Lyrics by 민연재 / Rap making 이민혁, 정일훈, 프니엘 / Arranged by 서재우
04. 넌 나의 천사 (Feat. JOO) – 민혁, 프니엘, 일훈 (Of BTOB)
Composed by 정일훈 / Lyrics by 정일훈, 이민혁, 프니엘 / Arranged by 손영진, 빅싼초
05. 몰라 – 은광, 창섭, 현식, 성재 (Of BTOB)
Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by 임현식
06. Shake It (Bonus Track)
Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by 임현식, 정일훈 / Rap making 이민혁

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