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JYP Nation – One Mic

Price : $41.00 includes a photobook. First Press comes with a folded poster, only available while supplies last.

Release date : 2014.11.13

Tracklist :
01. 날 떠나지마_JYP Nation
02. 이 노래를 듣고 돌아와_JYP Nation
03. 대낮에 한 이별_수지(miss A), 버나드 박
04. 문득_조권(2AM), Jun. K(2PM), 백예린(15&)
05. Bounce_택연(2PM), 준호(2PM), JB(GOT7), Jr.(GOT7)
06. U Don’t Know_슬옹(2AM), 택연(2PM)
07. No Goodbyes (Kor Ver.)_ 2AM, 2PM
08. U Don’t Know (Original Ver.)_ 슬옹(2AM), 택연(2PM)
09. No Goodbyes (Korean Original Ver.)_ 2AM, 2PM

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