Items that have been collected/ refunded/ sent :

Beast – Ordinary
1. Metha (b) (ordered) (arrived)

EXO XOXO Repackage
1. Metha (hug and kiss) (ordered) (arrived)

BTS – In the Mood for Love
1. Lara (white) (ordered)(arrived)

BTOB – Complete
1. Jane T (ordered)(arrived)

Beast – Ordinary
1. Jane T (ver B) (ordered)(arrived)
2. Shirley (both ver) (ordered)(arrived)
3. Jing (Both ver) (ordered)(arrived)
4. Syaza (both) (ordered)

SNSD – Party
1. Jane T (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD – Lion Heart
1. Teo Zi Ying (ordered)
2. Jane (ordered)

TVXQ – Rise as God
1. May (white) (ordered)(arrived)
2. Xingying (white) (ordered)(arrived)
3. Joreen Ng (both ver) (ordered)(arrived)

JYJ 2014 The Return of the King DVD
1. Joreen Ng (ordered) (arrived)

2PM – No 5
1. Christina (night ver) (ordered)(arrived)

Asmama items
1. Tammmie (3items)

FTI Cheerful Sensibility
1. Yanling
2. Mindy
3. Elizabeth

Dong Bang Shin Ki Bora Bora Photobook
1. Michelle Chen

Dong Bang Shin Ki Calendar
1. Preeseelah (Desktop)

Girls Generation First Single
1. Yanling

AATVXQ 2 Poster
1. Gracia – Junsu
2. Gracia – Yunho
3. Edna – Jae
4. Edna – Min

Accessories (Earrings)
1. Michelle Ng (Boa – gold)
2. Jenny (Request Earrings)
3. Purplefireworks (Yoochun Cross Earrings)
4. Jenny (Yunho earrings 3)
5. Jenny (Eeteuk Earrings 1)
6. Amanda (Yunho earrings 3)
7. Yoojeong (Yunho Earrings 3)
8. Sheena (Eeteuk earrings 3)
9. Shelley Ong (Eeteuk Earrings 3)
10. Yoojeong (Eeteuk Earrings 3)
11. Jenny (Eeteuk earrings 4 silver)
12. Sheena (Jae Earrings 7)
13. Jenny (Junsu Earrings 2)
14. Michelle Chen (Yunho earrings 2)
15. Michelle Chen (Yunho earrings 3)
16. Michelle Ng (Jae earrings 3- silver)
17. Crystal Chen (Jae earrings 5)
18. Felicia Tan (Yoochun Cross Earrings)
19. Felicia Tan (Yoochun Cross Earrings)
20. Daph (Junsu Earrings 2)
21. Sheena (Eeteuk earrings 1)
22. Kerry (Jae skull)
23. Kimberly Lau (Yunho earrings 1)
24. Pris Peck (Yunho earrings 1)
25. Nana (Yunho earrings 2)
26. Nana (Jae skull earrings)
27. Abbey Rickers (Junsu Earrings 3) Postage

Accessories (Ring)
1. Sheena (Two Piece Ring)
2. Sheena (Two Piece Ring)
3. Michelle Chen (Two Piece Ring)
4. Pris Peck (Two Piece Ring)
5. Juntai (Two Piece Ring)
6. Juntai (Two Piece Ring) Refunded
7. Sheena (Yunho’s)
8. Wan Yin Lui (Two piece Ring)

DBSK’s Vlnyl Bag
1. Cindy
2. Gracia
3. Fanna

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album CD only
1. WanLing

Accessories (Bracelet)
1. Jiaqi (Junsu 2)
2. Vanilla (Junsu 1)
3. Vanilla (Junsu 2)
4. Michelle Ng (Junsu 1)
5. Yoojeong (Junsu 1)
6. Nana (Yunho wristcuff)

Dong Bang Shin Ki Photo Diary – Refunded
1. Jasmine Ong
2. Michelle

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album 2CD+2DVD
1. Chenyan
2. Priscilla Peck
3. Teriza
4. Yoonjae
5. Wanqiu
6. WanLing

Big Bang First Album
1. Yaya

Big Bang Japanese Album
1. Melody Neo – Limited edition (ordered) postage

Super Junior Photo Diary
1. Michelle
2. Rai
3. Eunjung

Dong Bang Shin Ki O Concert DVD Poster
1. Jasmine Ong
2. Xiaotong
3. Peixuan
4. Jingxuan

Girls Generation First Album
1. Yanling
2. Esther
3. Eunjung
4. TengTeng – Sent
5. Jasmine Ong with poster

Micky Encore Concert shirt
1. Jasmine Ong

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album 2CD+2DVD
1. Jasmine Ong

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album 2CD+2DVD (Korea Version) (Out of stock – Got 3 copies only.)
1. Melissa Heng
2. Yennying (with poster)
3. Gracia

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album 2CD+2DVD (Hong Kong First Press Limited Edition)
1. Xiaotong
2. Jacintha
3. Jacintha
4. Jessica refunded
5. Denise refunded
6. Denise refunded
7. Kallis
8. Xinci
9. Xinci

July Smag
1. Clarissa

FT Island Refreshment Album
1. Se7enteen (With poster)
2. Quraishia (with poster)
3. Yeo Sheng (with poster)
4. Yaya (without poster)
5. Keejia (without poster)

Bonjour Paris Photobooks
1. Preeseelah (BP 1)
2. Preeseelah (BP 2)
3. Preeseelah (BP 3)

Super Junior First Album
1. Eunjung

Together Single
1. Gracia (CD+DVD+Poster)

Purple Line Single
1. Gracia (CD+DVD+Poster)

1. Loren (T album)
2. Loren (T album)

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd Jap Album 2CD+2DVD (Hong Kong First Press Limited Edition)
1. Meixian
2. Janice
3. Cynthia
4. Esther Wee
5. Yanling
6. Yanling
7. Heidi
8. Heidi refunded

O Concert DVD
1. Sinhui

Dong Bang Shin Ki Engraved Name Necklace
1. Candice ; Yunho
2. Ami ; Junsu
3. Edna ; Jae
4. Jingxuan ; Jae
5. Jinghui ; Jae
6. Gwyn ; Junsu
7. Jiawen ; Yoochun
8. Janice ; Changmin
9. Kelly ; Jae ; shipping overseas
10. Gracia ; Jae
11. Daph ; Jae
12. Daph ; Changmin
13. Pris Peck ; Yunho
14. Felicia Tan ; Yunho
15. Preeseelah ; Jae
16. Hannah ; Jae
17. Amanda ; Jae
18. Ami ; Jae
19. Cindy ; Jae – shipping overseas
20. Cindy ; Jae – shipping overseas
21. Christine ; Jae – shipping overseas

Coffee Prince Diary
1. Yanling
2. Yanling
3. Jasmine Ong
4. chaekyung
5. Karin
6. Eunjung

FT Island Refreshment Album
1. Melissa (without poster) – Postage

Super Junior Digital Disc
1. Theresa Lee

Bonjour Paris Photobook Set (Refunded)
1. Juntai
2. Edna
3. Gracia

Dong Bang Shin Ki Encore Concert Goodies
1. Ashley (Yoochun)
2. Ashley (Yunho)
3. Sophia (Yunho)
4. Bridgitte (Junsu)
5. Elaine (Jae)

Dong Bang Shin Ki O Concert DVD
1. Xiaotong
2. Jasmine Ong
3. Peixuan
4. Jingxuan
5. Limei
6. Limei
7. Ameerah

Dec Smag
1. Yanling

Purple Line Single Korea version
1. Yanling

Dong Bang Shin Ki O Concert DVD
1. Tiffany Leong

Coffee Prince Diary
1. Huimin – Postage
2. Huimin

Zhang Li Yin 1st Album
1. Faana

Koizora Photobook
1. Elis
2. Melissa

History in Japan
1. Syad
2. Aina

Dong Bang Shin Ki Encore Concert Goodies
1. Tzehoon (Yunho)

Accessories (Necklaces)
1. Vanilla (Yoochun + Changmin’s)
2. Yanling (Eeteuk Heart)
3. Crystal Chen (Eeteuk necklace 2 – choker only)
4. Felicia Tan (Junsu + Yunho’s)
5. Michelle Ang (Eeteuk necklace 2)
6. Nana (Eeteuk necklace 2)
7. Kimberly Lau (Yunho Cross Necklace)
8. Jasmine Low (Eeteuk necklace 2)

My Destiny Single Japan ver
1. Luo Cheng (Jae)
2. JS (Junsu)

Storybook 4 : Five secret story
1. Luo Cheng

Choosey Lover single
1. Luo Cheng

FITB DVD korea press limited edition
1. Luo Cheng

Ashita wa kuru kara CD+DVD korea version
1. Luo Cheng

Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time
1. Michelle Yeo (postage)

Begin single CD+DVD korea version
1. Luo Cheng

1. Mus
2. Xiaotong
3. Yuzhen

DBSK AATVXQ 2 Replacement Disc
1. Meixian
2. Twinnes

Kat-tun’s Keep the faith single (Normal version)
1. Ruixuan

Kat-tun’s Dont you ever stop (Normal version)
1. Ruixuan

SG Wannabe – Story in New York
1. Candice

Trick Singles Japan version (FP : First Press ; NP : Normal Press)
1. Vanillla (Changmin FP)
2. Daph (Changmin FP)
3. Daph (Changmin FP)
4. Shuying (Changmin FP)
5. Syad (Changmin FP)

1. Manda (Yoochun FP)
2. Denise (Yoochun FP)
3. Qiuhui (Yoochun NP)
4. Shuying (Yoochun FP)
5. Heidi (Yoochun NP) Postage
6. Syad (Yoochun NP)
7. Aina (Yoochun NP)

1. Syad (Junsu NP)
2. Shuying (Junsu NP)
3. Kei Zhiting (Junsu NP)
4. Esther Wee (Junsu NP)

1. Syad (Yunho NP)
2. Kei Zhiting (Yunho FP)
3. Priscilla Peck (Yunho FP) Postage
4. Yoonjae (Yunho FP)
5. Shuying (Yunho FP)
6. Esther Wee (Yunho)

1. Xiaohero (Jae FP) Postage
2. Edna (Jae FP)
3. Esther Wee (Jae FP)
4. Xiaotong (Jae FP)
5. Shuying (Jae FP)
6. Yoonjae (Jae refunding)
7. Syad (Jae NP)
8. Aina (Jae NP)
9. Denise (Jae NP)

Trick Singles (Korea version)
1. Jasmine Ong (Junsu w/ poster)
2. Ameerah (Yoochun) Postage
3. Aina (Changmin)
4. Meixian (Yunho w/ poster)
5. Preeseelah (Yunho)
6. Preeseelah (Yoochun)
7. Preeseelah (Changmin)
8. Eva (Jae)
9. Manda (Junsu w/ poster)
10. Royy (yunho w/ poster)
11. Preeseelah (Jae w/ poster)
12. Aina (Junsu)
13. Qiuwen (Junsu w/ poster) Postage
14. Royy (yoochun)
15. Preeseelah (Junsu)

Girls Generation Album
1. Preeseelah

Big Bang With you
1. Preeseelah

Sm Town Winter Album
1. Steph

1. Weebee (T album)
2. Weebee (Together single)
3.Weebee (Forever Love single)
4. Weebee (Shine single)

Shutter Shades
1. YinTing (3 White + 1 Yellow + 2 Pink)
2. Jenny (1 White + 1 Pink + 1 Green)

Super Junior Photo Diary
1. Emma (Refunding $7.00)

Super Girl Album
1. Dora Zhang (overseas shipping) (ordered)

Sakun Batch
1. Yanjun (Black Mask)
2. Gladys (Mask – registered mail)
3. Preeseelah (Black Mask)
4. Yanjun (Black Mask)

Dong Bang Shin Ki T Concert DVD Japan version
1. Gwyn

Dong Bang Shin Ki Beautiful You CD+DVD
1. Xiaotong

3. Alan (Jae Skull earrings)

1. Sarah (Registered Mail)

FTI Refreshment Album
1. Elizabeth

Dong Bang Shin Ki Beautiful You Japan Version C
1. Shuying

Banc Hood (ordered)
1. ChaeKyung (Cap Man Hood Mint – M)
2. Michelle Ang (Cap Man Hood Pink – M) Postage
3. Stacey(Monogram Hood Black – L) (postage)
4. Chaekyung (Blue Cap)
5. ChaeKyung (Dr. Banc Headphone Hood White – L)
6. Priscilla Peck (Headphone Hood Pink – S) refunded
7. YanJun(Black Monogram Hood – S)
8. Priscilla Peck (Black Monogram Hood – S) (registered postage) 1.20
9. Jackie Nguyen (White Headphone Hood – M) (shipping overseas)
10.Nicole (Banc Mac Hood – Black- L) Postage
11. Dedee (Zip Up Hood – Black S) (shipping overseas)
12. ChaeKyung (Banc Headphone Hood White – M)

DBSK A Week Holiday Photobook
1. Nayeon (Both)
2. Nayeon (Both)
3. Hilary (Both)

Dong Bang Shin Ki Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan darou? CD Only
1. Yanling

Shinee 1st Album
1. Zen Tan Ni (Version A+B)
2. Diyana (Version B)
3. Eileen Lau (verA) (ordered)
4. Khaichyi (version A) (ordered)
5. Claire Liang (ver B) (registered mail) (ordered)
6. Melissa Heng (Version A+B w/ postage)
7. Esther (Version B X2 + 1 ver B poster)
8. – (Version A+B + 1 ver B poster)

Super Junior Digital Disc
1. Weiyu

Shinee 1st Mini Album
1. Diyana
2. Eileen Lau x2 (ordered)

DBSK O Album Version D
1. Yanling

Super Junior Super Show album
1. Calin (registered post)
2. Rebecca (ordered)

Super Junior Happy – Cooking Cooking First mini album
1. Calin (registered post)

Trick singles Japan version
1. Angelyn (Jae)
2. Angelyn (Changmin)

Big Bang With you (ordered)
1. Priscilla Peck (registered postage)

Big Bang NII shirts
1. Priscilla Peck (With You white shirt – 90) (postage)
2. Yanling (With you white shirt – 90)
3. Stacey (With you black shirt – 100) (postage)
4. Hyewon (With you white shirt – 95)

O Concert DVD
1. Sinhui
2. QianBing (Postage)

TVXQ Previous Concert Shirts
1. Xiaotong (Black shirt)
2. Ivy (Black shirt)
3. Yennying (Yoochun shirt)
4. Sherlene Ong (Yoochun shirt)

Dong Bang Shin Ki Beautiful You Poster (ordered)
1. Xiaotong

TVXQ! Mirotic Japanese Single
1. Jasmine Ong (ordered)

5. Harun Ozkan 140 – S(Pink CapManHood) (ordered)
6. Harun Ozkan 73 – S/M (Pink FlexFit Cap) (ordered)Fedex Shipping
7. Harun Ozkan 128 – S(Pink Headphone Hood)

Banc Batch 2
1. Jessey (Short-sleeved Tee New York Grey S x 1)
2. Jessey (Short-sleeved Tee Tin Soldier White S x 1)
3. Jessey (Short-sleeved Tee Tokyo White S x 1)
4. Jessey (Cap Headphone Black L/XL x 1)

SHINee Amigo Album
1. Melissa Heng (Postage with the previous 2 albums paid)
2. Hui Ting (postage) (ordered)
3. Eileen Lau (ordered)
4. Linda Tan (w/poster) (ordered)
5. Eileen Lau (ordered)

Shutter Shades
1. Ly V (1 White)

Koizora Photobook
1. Gabrielle Vimard (Postage)

1. Charlene (Yunho earrings 2)

Trick Singles
1. Sinhui (Yoochun’s and Yunho’s)

Sky single CD+DVD Korea version
1. Luo Cheng

FTI Colourful Sensibility Part 2
1. Byul (w/poster) (ordered)

SG Wannabe Set
1. Byul (both here)

Special orders
1. Buyl (Colonize) L (ordered)
2. Zeng Yang Heng (Banc Afro Hoodie – Navy – L) refunded
3. Byul (sakun gloves) (ordered)
4. Melody Neo (NNUALLF3171 Black) size 95; (ordered)
5. Wan yu ( reg mail (ordered)
6. Chris (banc watch) ordered
7. Cristal (bag) airmail
8. Cristal (shirt – S) airmail
9. Cristal (earrings x2)(ordered) airmail
10. Gladys Ng (free tee from t-aradot)
11. JS (xiahday goods x2; mozart musical 2 programmes, 1 note b, 1 note c, 1 clipfile c and 2 posters) (ordered)
12. Priscilla Peck (colonize hoodie and tee)
13. Joe Chen (beanie – black) (ordered)
14. Eileen (asmama ring – 13) (ordered)
15. Pochiki (4 items from cottiny) (ordered)
16. Pris Peck (S
17. JS (10 junsu cellphone straps, 2 junsu photobooks, 2 junsu ticket holders, 3 yoosu cellphone straps)
18. Pris Peck (S
19. Pris Peck (5karaya items) EMS shipping not collected yet (ordered)
20. Pris Peck (bag (ordered)
21. Pris Peck (1 jacket) (ordered)
22. Xiangbei (2spects) (ordered)
23. Xiaoying (AATVXQ2 – used)
24. Michelle Ng (Cosmopolitan (June issue) x3) (ordered) paid 2.25
25. Fernanda (6 items – EMS postage paid) (ordered)
26. MC (reg mail – Master’s Sun Silver Sun bracelet) (ordered) (arrived)
27. Sibelle Teo (Exo Brooch w free poster – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
28. Jacquelyn Poh (1item) (ordered) (arrived)
29. Tammie (3items – postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Baek Jiyoung Timeless : The Best
1. Gladys (ordered)

DBSK 4th album
1. Jasmine Ong (version A w/ poster) (meetup)
2. Ellialyn (version A and B w/ posters) (Postage paid)
3. Ameerah (version A and B w/ posters) (Postag paid)
4. Kalyn Chew (both versions w/ posters) (meetup)
5. Iris (version A and B) (ordered) (postage paid)
6. Yanling (version A w/ poster) (ordered) Left poster
7. Yueyun (version A w/ poster) (ordered)
8. Stephanie (version A w/ poster) (meetup)
9. Erika (version A w/ poster) (overseas shipping)
10. Amelia (Version A w/ poster and postage) Postage paid
11. Angelyn (Version B w/ poster) (ordered)
12. Fara (Version A w/ poster) (ordered)

Super Show Concert DVD
1. Steph (ordered) postage
2. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
3. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
4. Suhui (ordered)
5. Claris Koh (ordered) (paid $2 for postage)
6. Ding Ting (ordered)
7. Angela (Paid $2 for postage) (ordered)
8. Viien (ordered)
9. Angela (Paid $2 for postage) (ordered)

Banc Batch 2
7. DHa (Black Headphone Hood – 128) S (ordered)
8. Ivy (Black BancMan Hood – 128) M (ordered)
9. Ivy (White BancMan Hood – 128) S (ordered)
10. Kaling (Pink Banc Headphone Hood – 128) S (ordered)
11. DHa (Banc Hero Shirt) L (shipping frm korea to canada) (ordered)

FTI Colourful Sensibility Part 2
1. Samantha (ordered)

Sakun Batch 2
1. Maxi (Black mask) (ordered)
2. Angeline Tham (Black Watch) S(ordered)
3. Angeline Tham (Black Mask)(ordered)
4. Maxi (Bag) (ordered) S

Big Bang Concert DVD
1. Evan Tan (ordered)

DBSK O Concert DVD
1. Clarabelle (ordered)

U-Kiss Single
1. Clarabelle (ordered)

FT Island Colourful Sensibility
1. Esther
2. Mindy
3. Nuraini postage

Big Bang Vol.2
1. Wei Li (ordered)
2. Cherie Leong (ordered) postage
4. Yanling (ordered)
5. Yanling (ordered)
6. Jiahuan (ordered)
7. Evan Tan (ordered)
8. Evan Tan (ordered)

Big Bang Vol.1
1. Wei Li (ordered)

DBSK A Week Holiday Photobook
1. Jacelyn (Both)

DBSK 4th album
1. Ng Yee Yang (version A and B w/ posters) (ordered)
2. Yueyun (version A w/ poster) (ordered)
3. Nuraini (version A w/ poster) (ordered)

Mirotic Version C
1. Melissa Heng (ordered)postage
2. Lx
3. Zizi
4. Yoke Ling (ordered)

Big Bang DVD
1. Priscilla
2. Keller (green) (ordered)
3. Yuen Ling (orange) (ordered)
4. Tiffany (green) (ordered)

Big Bang Vol.2
1. Sandra (ordered)
2. Yuen Ling (ordered)

Big Bang Vol.1
1. Yuen Ling (ordered)

Big Bang 3rd Single
1. Yuen Ling (ordered)

Junior Mag
1. Jessica (ordered)
2. Janice (ordered)

Big Bang Korean Book
1. Hyewon (ordered)
2. Byul (ordered)

Junior Mag
1. Suhaila (ordered)

1. Huy Nguyen (ordered) sent
2. Maria (mask) (ordered) sent
4. Vanilla (black mask x2)(ordered)

TVXQ! Bolero Single
1. Kei (CD+DVD) (ordered)
2. Shuying (CD+DVD) (ordered)
3. Kalista (CD+DVD) (ordered)
4. Kalyn (2) (CD) (ordered)

Big Bang Concert DVD
1. Linda (blue) (ordered)

Big Bang The Real Concert DVD
1. Linda (ordered)

Boys over Flowers OST
1. Weili (ordered)

Pieces of You
1. Mus (postage) (ordered)
2. Maria (ordered)
3. Byul (ordered)
4. Victora (billibelle) (ordered)
5. Nurul (ordered)
6. Nur Liyana (ordered)

Pieces of You
1. Jia Han (postage) (ordered)
2. Alicia Foo (postage) (ordered)
3. Jessica (postage) (ordered)

DBSK Survivor/ Take your Hand single
1. Kalista X2 (cd+dvd) (ordered)

Big Bang Korean Book
1.Cheong Zhen Na (postage) (ordered)

Super Junior 3rd Album
1. Jasmine Ong (ver B) (ordered)
2. Diyana (both ver) (ordered)
3. Van Ann (2 ver b – postage) (ordered)

DBSK 4th Jap Album
1. Jasmine Ong (2CD+2DVD) (ordered)

Boys Over Flowers OST 1 and 2
1. Diyana (w/ poster – part1)

Hey Say Jump single
1. Alice Chew (ordered)

Super Junior M album
1. Diyana (ordered)

Kissing Star Necklace
1. Jillian (ordered)

Big Bang Concert DVD
1. Siyin (blue) (ordered)
2. (orange) (ordered)

1. Vanilla (black mask)

DBSK Mirotic ver C
1. Weiyu
2. Leelin (ordered)

FT Island Mini Album
1. Faradila (2) (ordered)
2. Angeline (ordered)

Big Bang Fila Tee
1. Yanling (seungri’s – man’s cutting – 100) (ordered)
2. Hyewon (bigbang’s – 95) (ordered)

Big Bang Concert Goodies
1. BIG SHOW STRAP (핸드폰줄) (ordered)
2. BIG SHOW HOOD T-Shirt (후드) (ordered)

Junior March Mag
1. Angeline (ordered)

Super Junior 3rd Album
1. Weiyu (2 ver b) (ordered)
2. Nez L (2 ver b) (ordered)
3. Wenxin (ver a) (ordered)
4. Zhenci (both ver) (ordered)

Elle Girl (April)
1. Evan Tan (ordered) meetup
2. Sinhui (ordered) postage
3. Wendy X3 (ordered) meetup

Super Junior 3rd Album
1. Jia Han (ver a) (ordered)
2. Dora Zhang (ver C – overseas shipping) (ordered)

Boys Over Flowers OST 1 and 2
1. Linda Tan (w/ poster) (ordered) meetup
2. Diyana (part1) (ordered)

Big Bang Hot Issue and Always
1. Linda Tan (ordered) meetup

Big Bang concert DVD
1. Ain (orange) (ordered)
2. Jasmin Soh – 2008 BB and Taeyang Live DVD – green (postage) (ordered)
2. Jasmin Soh – Real DVD (postage) (ordered)

Junior Mag (April)
1. Yinting (x2) (postage) (ordered)

1. Evan Tan (ordered) (shipped) meetup

Super Junior M album
1. Diyana (ordered)

DBSK O Album
1. Celestia (ordered) postage
2. Emmy Han (ver D) (ordered)

Mirotic Concert Book
1. Aeth Eng (ordered)
2. Kalyn X2 (ordered)
3. Michele Tan (ordered)

Elle Girl (May)
1. Yinting

Junior March Mag
1. Gillian (ordered)

Super Junior June POTM
1. Yen Ler

Eeteuk Earring 3
1. Karen Lai

1. Evan Tan (ordered) (shipped) meetup (20)

Junior Mag (April)
1. Carissa (ordered)

Super Junior 3rd Album
1. Yen Ler (ver a) (ordered)

Gu Hyesun Tango Book
1. Gladys Ng (ordered)

Tablo Pieces of You
1. Lauren Tang (airmail) (ordered)
2. Melissa Chan (ordered) (meetup)
3. Nurul (ordered)
4. Nadiah (ordered)

Super Junior Vol3
1. Filzah (verB) (ordered)

Jandi’s Shoes Replica
1. Violet Goh (white w/ black lace – 240) (ordered)
2. Mizuhara Misha (white – 250)

1. Kristie Allen (airmail) (ordered)

FT Island Jump Up Mini Album
1. Vanilla (ordered)
2. Byul (ordered) (meetup)
3. Linda Tan (ordered)

2PM single
1. Evan Tan (ordered)
2. Phang Ling (ordered)
3. Filzah (ordered)
4. Fizah (ordered)
5. Byul (ordered) (meetup)
6. stnirptoof (ordered) (meetup)
7. Cheryl (postage) (ordered)
8. Amirah (ordered)

Koi no ABO(Limited Edition)
1. Diyana (ordered)

Big Bang The Great Concert DVD
1. Ain (ordered)

Bgirls shirt
1. Eunice (design 5 – white) (ordered) (meetup)

Junior Mag
1. Byul (May) (ordered) (meetup)

Kim Bum Magalog
1. stnirptoof (ordered) (meetup)

The Secret Code
1. Melissa (2CD+DVD) (ordered) (meetup)

1. Gillian Tan (Design 1 – black w/ white star) (ordered) postage
2. Byul (Design 1 – black w/ white star) (ordered) (meetup)
3. Byul (Design 4 – Orange) (ordered) (meetup)
4. Byul (Design 4 – Reddish-brown) (ordered) (meetup)
5. Byul (Design 4 – Dark Grey) (ordered) (meetup)
6. Lauren La (Design 13-Dark Grey Beanie) (ordered)
7. Karen (Design 1 – black w/ white star) (ordered)
8. Karen (Design 6 – White) (ordered)
9. Ly (ND8 – green OOS, ND10 – blue, ND14 – black) airmail (ordered)
10. Zeng Yang Heng (new design 12 – black) postage (ordered)
11. Zarifah (new design 17 – pink) (ordered)
12. Alicia Tai (ND12 – red) (ordered)
13. Jumaah (ND 4 – beigeX2; ND 18 – grey;) (ordered)
14. Meixian (ND2 – black; ND2 – wine) (ordered)
15. Noellaa (ND17 – wine; design 11 – dark brown) (ordered)

Boys Over Flowers Notebooks Set
1. Byul (ordered) (meetup)

Boys Over Flowers OST 1 and 2
1. Stnirptoof (part2 w/ poster) (ordered) (meetup)
2. Janice (part1 and part2) (ordered)

2AM single
1. Byul (ordered) (meetup)

Junior Mag (April, March)
1. Byul (ordered) (meetup)

Girls’ Generation Goobne Diary
1. Wendy (3copies) (ordered) (meetup)
2. Evan Tan (ordered)

Kissing Star Necklace
1. Meg Dalagan (2) (sent 1) (ordered)
2. Isabel (postage) (ordered)

Boys Over Flowers Calendar 2009
1. Flora Ng (ordered)

Super Junior Version C
1. stnirptoof (2copies) (ordered) (meetup)
2. Priscilla (ordered)
3. Catherine (ordered)
4. Shirley Yap (ordered)
5. Stephanie Yong (ordered)
6. Janice Lee (ordered)

FT Island I Believe Myself Japan Single
1. Byul (CD+DVD) (ordered)

Big Show Concert Album
1. Ain (ordered)

Big Bang The Real Concert DVD
1. Ain (ordered)

SHINee Romeo
1. Stnirptoof (ordered)
2. Ai (postage) (ordered)
3. Ying (ordered)

BOF F4 Special Edition OST
1. stnirptoof (ordered)

June magazine
1. Byul (wawagirl) (ordered)
2. Byul (nylon) (ordered)
3. Byul (junior) (ordered)
4. Jeffyer (wawagirl) (ordered)

Koike Teppei’s Kimi Dake
1. Zhiqing Leo (postage) (ordered)

Big Bang Fila Shirts
1. Yi Lai (Taeyang – both types 110 man’s cutting) (ordered)

Special order
1. Jessica (Sakun bag – ordered)
2. Byul (sakun watch) (ordered) (meetup)

FT Island Jump up
1. Catherine (ordered)

Girls’ Generation
1st Single
1. Stephanie Eng (ordered)
1. Teng Teng – poster folded (ordered)
2. Shi Yun – poster tubed (ordered)
3. Yun Zai (ordered)
1. Teng Teng (ordered)
2. Yun Zai (ordered)
3. Jacintha Chew (postage) (poster folded) (ordered)
4. Saffire (ordered)
5. Shi Yun – poster tubed (ordered)
6. Stnirptoof X3 (ordered)
7. Zhenci X2 (ordered)
8. Carissa X3 poster folded (ordered)
9. Alan (ordered)
10. kaylyn – poster tubed (ordered)
11. Jeremy (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
1. kaylyn – Postage (ordered)

Kissing star necklace
1. Vivien (ordered) postage

1. Gladys Ng (Design 4- Dark Beige) (ordered)
2. Annie Kan (design 3 – black) (ordered) airmail
3. Liyana (design 1 – black) (ordered) postage
4. Lay Ching (design 1 – black X2, design 2 – navy, design 11 – brown) (ordered)
5. Sabina Mantel (new design 1 – black) airmail (ordered)

2NE1 Mini Album
1. Teng Teng (postage – poster folded) (ordered)
2. Yanling (ordered)
3. Yanling (ordered)
4. Cheryl Khoo (ordered) postage
5. Sophy Tio (ordered)
6. Byul (ordered)
7. Kailing (ordered)
8. Shao Heng (postage) (ordered)
9. Kevynax2 (ordered)
10. Mackey Tan (ordered)
11. Ain (ordered)
12. Jasmine Loo (ordered)

SHINee 1st Photobook
1. Stnirptoof (ordered)

FT Island 3rd album
1. Stnirptoof X2 (ordered)
2. Yanling (ordered)
3. Catherine (ordered)
4. Catherine (ordered)

1. Linda Tan (part1) (ordered)

Big Bang My Heaven CD+DVD
1. Celine Lee (ordered)
2. Jacintha Lee (ordered)
3. Kevyna (ordered)
4. Stephanie Lee (ordered)
5. Jacintha Chew (postage) (ordered)

Super Junior Version C
1. Alicia (ordered)

1. Mus (ordered) (postage)
2. Denise (ordered) postage
3. Stnirptoof (ordered)
4. Ise Nanao (ordered)

1. Alicia (Design 4 – white) (ordered)
2. Alicia (Design 8 – Black) (ordered)
3. Juma’ah (Design 4 – Red) (ordered)
4. Juma’ah (Design 1 – Black) (ordered)
5. Katherine (Design 20 – Grey) (ordered)
6. Katherine (Design 11 – Dark Black) (ordered)
7. Katherine (Design 11 – White) (ordered)
8. Katherine (Design 14 – Purple) (ordered)
9. Katherine (Design 11 – Green) Airmail (ordered)

FT Island 3rd album
1. Hazel (ordered)
2. Szeting (ordered)

Special orders
1. Christina Fang (Donghae Bracelet) (ordered)
2. Boshi (Green Backpack) (ordered)
3. Richmond (Jacket – 1Black, 1White) (ordered)

Jandi’s Bag
1. PETIT Giuliana (beige) (ordered)

2PM “I Hate You” Poster
1. Ain (ordered)
2. Denise (ordered)
3. Jessica (ordered)

1. ShaoHeng – Diary X2 (ordered)
2. ShaoHeng – Genie (ordered)
3. Shaoheng (Into the New World single) (ordered)
4. Shaoheng (vol1 repackage X2) (ordered)
5. Zhi Ming – Genie X2 postage (ordered)
6. Zhi Ming – Gee postage (ordered)
7. Shaoheng (Gee mini album) postage (ordered)
8. Jonathan Ong – Vol 1 (ordered)
9. Jonathan Ong – Vol 1 Repackage (ordered)
10. Jonathan Ong – Into the New World (ordered)
11. Jonathan Ong – Diary (ordered)
12. Jonathan Ong – Gee (ordered)
13. Jonathan Ong – Genie (ordered)
14. Amanda – into the new world (ordered)
15. Amanda – genie (ordered)
16. Marcus Tham – into the new world (postage) (ordered)
17. Marcus Tham – genie
18. Evan Tan – gee (ordered)
19. Gab – Gee X2 (ordered)
20. Marcus Tham – gee (postage) (ordered)
21. Carissa and Deborah – 1st album (ordered)
22. Marcus Tham – 1st album (postage) (ordered)
23. Hui Ting – gee (postage) (ordered)
24. Hui Ting – genie (postage) (ordered)
25. Alice Chew – into the new world (ordered)
26. Huiting (postage) (ordered)
27. Amanda – gee (ordered)
28. Fang Yu – vol1 (ordered)
29. Fang Yu – vol 1 repackage(ordered)
30. Fang Yu – sweet memories (ordered)
31. Fang Yu – gee(ordered)
32. Fang Yu – genie (ordered)
33. Fang Yu – into the new world (ordered)
34. Eileen Lau – gee x2 (ordered)
35. Eileen Lau – genie x2 (ordered)
36. Mindy (gee album) (ordered)
37. Mindy (genie album) (ordered)
38. Jingwen (oh!x1; ITNWx1) (ordered)
39. Deborah Loke (vol1) (ordered)
40. Merlin (Genie Jap CD+DVD – KR ver)
41. Merlin (Mr Taxi Limited Edition B) (ordered)
42. Stephanie Cool (1st album limited pressing, Mr taxi ver b) (ordered)
43. Klement (Into The New World, Baby Baby, ITNW Concert album, Mr Taxi – reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Vol.2
1. Jasper Chim (postage) (ordered)

Brown Eyed Girls Vol3
1. Yanling (ordered)

1. Cheryl (ordered)
2. Brenda Thomas (ordered)
3. Nina Jingyi postage tubed (ordered)
4. Brenda Thomas
5. Angelyn (ordered)
6. Yanjun (ordered)
7. Kristy Lam (ordered)
8. Kristy Lam (ordered
9. Kristy Lam (ordered)
10. Brenda Wee (ordered)
11. Kai Juan X2 (ordered)
12. Huilin (ordered)
13. Chanying (ordered)
14. Chanying (ordered)
15. Hui Ting (postage) (ordered)
16. Jasmine Teo x2 (ordered)

Mirotic Concert album
1. Angelyn postage (ordered)

Cellphone Accessory
1. Baoxia (Khun, Junho – Again and Again ver) postage (ordered)
2. Carolyn Le (nichkhun – again and again) airmail (ordered)
3. Carolyn Le (junsu – i hate you ver) airmail (ordered)
4. Priscilla Peck (i hate you ver – nichkhun SV009) ($5 for postage) (ordered)
5. Priscilla Peck (Big Bang – LB001)(ordered)
6. Sheila (seungri’s – lollipop) (ordered) postage
7. Jia Min (wild bunny wooyoung(with cap w/o shades)) (ordered)
8. Elisa (taekyeon wild bunny ver – airmail) (ordered)
9. May Li (wooyoung and jaebum’s wild bunny ver) airmail (ordered)
10. Aida Ubaidah (2customised – jeremy) (ordered)
11. Aina (Key – ring ding dong ver) (ordered)
12. Jessica (whole set – f4 normal) (ordered)
13. Jessica (whole set – f4 uniform) (ordered)
14. Marcelia (Kim Bum – normal) (ordered)
15. Ise Nanao (customised wonder girls’ sunye)(ordered)
16. Vanessa (i hate you ver – junho SV011)(ordered)
17. Natsuko (i hate you ver – jaebum SV012) (ordered)
18. Josephine (customised) (ordered)
19. Jia Min (customised jaejoong)
20. Bloom (고미남 (name : minam) and 황태경 (name : tae kyung) new version) (ordered)
21. Ang Wee Bee (jaebum (ordered))
22. Nurul Atikah (jaebum wild bunny ver (Pink Bunny)) reg mail (ordered)
23. Zhi Ru (YAB Set) (postage) (ordered)
24. Tang Wai San (YAB Set) (postage) (ordered)
25. Yenping (wooyoung’s wild bunny ver – shades and cap) (ordered)
26. Marina Chin (customised 2) (ordered)
27. Ade Wong (customised LSG, TK X2, gmn with pig rabbit) (ordered)
28. Zhi ru (customised leejunki’s) reg mail (ordered)
29. Zhi Ting (wooyoung wild bunny; jaebum wild bunny) (ordered)
30. Hui Ting (황태경 and jeremy’s) (postage) (ordered)
31. Xue Li (customised hongki’s) (postage) (ordered)
32. Yen Ping (SV010) (ordered)
33. Jeff (customised minho’s RDD ver) (ordered) postage
34. Cho Cho Nwe (jeremy’s and shinwoo’s diff ver) (ordered)
35. Huizhen (미남이시네요 (Set of 4) and hyunjoong’s customised) (ordered)
36. Cindy Wee (고미남 and 황태경) (ordered)
37. Diyana (미남이시네요 – 황태경 version) (ordered)
38. PETIT Giuliana (micky’s) (ordered)
39. Huisi (yoon ji hoo non-uniform version and goo jun pyo uniform version) reg mail
40. Bloom (minam, jeremy) (ordered)
41. Divya (2Jeremy, 2Taekyung) (ordered)

1. Rachel lim (wawagirl aug) postage (ordered)
2. Gladys Ng (ceci march) (ordered)
3. Ain (10+ idol) (ordered)
4. Jonathan Ong (oct issue – ASTA TV) (ordered)
5. Michelle Ng (Elle July) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Hannah (Cosmopolitan Aug) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Byul (star magazine)
8. Ang Wee Bee (Ceci Dec) (ordered)
9. Ang Wee Bee (wawagirl sept 09 and jan 10) (ordered)
10. Gladys (Ceci – dec) (ordered)
11. Byul (wawagirl sept) (ordered)
12. Kailing (wawagirl sept) (ordered)
13. Tan Ying Ying, Ivy (Ceci Oct 2012) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
14. Mages (Ceci Oct 2012) (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
15. Jingwen (Ceci Oct 2012) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
16. JunJun (Ceci Oct 2012) (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
17. Rachelle (GQ Nov) (ordered) (arrived)
18. Michelle Ng (ASTA TV Dec Magazine) (ordered) (arrived)
19. Sabrina Teo (Ceci Jan 2013) opting for postage (ordered) (arrived)
20. Michelle Ng (May 22014 – W) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Gara Gara Go! Single
1. Linda Tan (CD+DVD ver) (ordered)
2. Jacintha (Version B) (ordered)
3. Melody (CD+DVD ver) (ordered)

Special orders
1. Maxi (3 items from junapop) (ordered)
2. Melody Neo (Fila Shirt – F2RSR961F(WT) – 90) (ordered)
3. Qiu Yi Lai (4 NII items) (ordered)
4. Zeng Yang Heng (Banc Headphone Hood, Yellow S, White M) (ordered)

Minhwan Drumsticks
1. Priscilla Peck (ordered)

1. Saffire – Music Score Part 2 (ordered)
2. Saffire – Noteboook Set (ordered)
3. Kirwyn – Piano Book (ordered)
4. Kirwyn – DVD (OOS)

SHINee Lightstick
1. Diyana (ordered)
2. Khaichyi x4 (ordered)
3. Khaichyi x3+6 (postage) (ordered)
4. Joyce Ang x4 (ordered)
5. Nur Fazliana X2 (ordered)
6. Jasmine (ordered)
7. Min Zhuang x3 (ordered)
8. Khaichyi x25 (ordered)
9. Shirlene Loo x4 (ordered)

1. Diyana (Photobook) (ordered)
2. Gervina (Amigo album) postage (ordered)
3. Gervina (Photobook) (ordered)
4. Azi (postage) (ordered)
5. Gervina (Lucifer A and B) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

1. Yen Peng Goo – S.T 01 Now (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Yen Peng Goo – Solo album (TW ver) (ordered)
3. Yen Peng Goo – F4 Special edition (reg mail) (ordered)
4. Yen Peng Goo – OST Part 2 (reg mail) (ordered)
5. Yen Peng Goo – Super Hits (TW ver) (ordered)
6. Xiaojun – Collection (ordered)
7. Yen Peng Goo – Live at Budokan Album (reg) (ordered)
8. Junqin – Persona In Seoul (ordered)
9. Ang Wee Bee (Collection Poster)
10. Rachel Rebirth Special Album(ordered)
11. Catherine – All My Love(ordered)
12. Catherine – U R Man (ordered)
13. Fara -U R Man + Boys over Flowers OST (ordered)
14. Jiayi (postage) – MBC Collection DVD Set – to be refunded
15. Kristy – Deja Vu Single
16. Kristy – Kokoro – First Press Limited Edition A (Japan Version) (Postage)
17. Catherine – collection (ordered)
18. Stnirptoof – collection (ordered)
19. Yanling – collection(ordered)

G-D Heartbreaker
1. Ain (ordered)
2. Zhenna – postage – poster tubed (ordered)
3. Meixuan postage (ordered)
4. Yvonne postage (ordered)
5. Shelia (ordered) postage
6. Byul (ordered)
7. Sophy Tio (ordered)
8. Kailing (ordered)
9. Kailing (ordered)
10. Alicia (ordered)
11. Doreen (ordered)
12. Brenda Wee (ordered)
13. June (ordered)
14. PH L (ordered)
15. Chia Yuen Ling (ordered)
16. Kevyna (postage)
17. Shirlene Loo (ordered) reg post
18. Juma’ah x2 (ordered)
19. Marui (ordered)

1. Ise Nanao (july wawagirl)
2. Byul (july junior)
3. Byul (vogue girl – refund)
4. Qiu Yi (junior july)(ordered)
5. Jeffyer (wawagirl aug) (ordered)
6. Jeffyer (junior aug) (ordered)
7. Qiu Yi Lai (junior aug) (ordered)
8. Byul (junior aug) (ordered)
9. Byul (wawagirl aug) (ordered)

1. Michelle Ang (shinee) (ordered)
2. Michelle Ang (TVXQ! – in stock) postage
3. Elene Chong – TVXQ (ordered)

FT Island 3rd album
1. Jewey Tan (ordered) postage

DBSK Mirotic Concert 2CD
1. Jacelyn (ordered)

4minute mini album
1. Ain (ordered)
2. Yoke Ling (postage) (ordered)

1. Nur Atiqa (SNSD) (ordered)
2. Kailing (2ne1’s) (ordered)
3. Zixian (2pm new design – set of 5) (ordered)
4. Ginie Tan (suju – ordered)
5. Youwen (bof) (ordered)
6. Linda Tan (bof) (ordered)
7. Natsuko (bof) (ordered)
8. Wenna Poon (SNSD design 1)
9. Bernard (SNSD design 3 and 2) (ordered)
10. Danica (DBSK set) (ordered)
11. Nurul Ain (shinee) reg post (ordered)
12. Meixian (SNSD 2) (ordered)
13. Yongliang (snsd design 3) (ordered)
14. Jasmine (shinee x 2 – postage) (ordered)
15. Travis Wong (SNSD design 3 and 2) (ordered)
16. Jingwen (shinee)
17. Angelle (snsd design2)
18. Zarifah (bb – postage) (ordered)
19. Yen Ler (bb)
20. June (SNSD’s) (ordered) (ordered)
21. June (SNSD’s) (ordered) (ordered)
22. Gab (SNSD) (ordered)
23. Meixian (SNSD design 1)
24. Charlin (shinee) (ordered)
25. Zhiting (2pm – all 6 pairs) (ordered)
26. Meixian (shinee x 2) (ordered)
27. JR (SNSD Design 2) (ordered)
28. Meixian (SNSD Design 3) (ordered) refunded
29. Meixian (2pmX2) (ordered)
30. Meixian (2pm new design X2) (ordered)
31. Meixian (SNSD Design 2 X2) (ordered)
32. Meixian (SNSD Design 1 – grey) (ordered)
33. Meixian (SHINee X2) (ordered)
34. Lauren Tang (surface mail) (ordered) bb and bof
35. Vanessa (Super Junior’s) Postage (ordered)
36. Vanessa (Super Junior’s) (ordered)
37. June (Super Junior’s) (ordered) refunded
38. June (super junior’s) (ordered) refunded
39. Vanessa (2D1N’s) Postage (ordered)
40. June (BOF) (ordered) (ordered)
41. Shimah Azli (postage) (ordered)
42. Vania (shinee x2 – reg)
43. Joanna (shineex2) (ordered)
44. Emily Lim (shinee) (ordered)

Big Show Album
1. Atiqah (ordered)

1. Joyce Foo – Design 12 (Black, dark purple, light brown, pale pink, dark brown) (ordered)
2. Melody Neo (design 1 – black) (ordered)
3. Melody Neo – new g-d design (black and white smiley) (unpaid) (ordered)
4. Joyce Foo – Design 11 (Black, grey, light brown, white, dark grey, dark brown, pink) (ordered)
5. Jarren (design 1 – black)

Girls’ Generation
1. Tan Jing Wei (ordered)
2. Zeng Yang Heng (ordered)
3. Kenny Cheng (ordered)
4. Jeffyer (ordered)

All About TVXQ 3 Making Book
1. Huilin (ordered)
2. Ise Nanao (ordered)
3. Jean Tay – postage (ordered)
4. Stnirptoof (ordered)

Super Junior
1. Viien (vol3 c) (ordered)

Big Bang Korean Book
1. Mackey Tan (ordered)

Big Bang Album
1. Jarren -refunding

1. Nahdiyah (design11 – red; design 13 – dark grey) (ordered)
2. Kimi Nguyen (design 1 – black) paypal – airmail

Special Orders
1. Jacelyn (BC 8127 Watch) (ordered)
2. Jacelyn (Multi logo pattern Full Zip up_pink S) (ordered)
3. Chaekyung (banc hood S) $24 outstanding (ordered) refunded
1. Byul (BE@TOY hood – Black – M) (ordered)
2. Byul (Stop T) (ordered)
1. Byul (Banc White Headphone Hood – M) (ordered)
Special Orders
1. Byul (Necklace) (ordered)
2. Byul (black watch) (ordered)
3. Qiu Yi Lai (NNUALLF3181 White) size 105 (ordered)
4. Qiu Yi Lai (NNUALLS3181 White) size 105 (ordered)
5. Byul (3sets)
6. Zhiru (leejunki pb) smartpac

1. Stephanie chng (design 1 – black) (ordered) (meetup – tue)

Lee Minki’s No Kidding
1. stnirptoof (ordered)

Please Be Mine Photobook
1. Wenxin X2 (meetup)

In stock items
1. Adlyn (replacement disc) meetup on sat
2. Adlyn (sept POTM)

Big Bang 2010 Merchandises
1. Zhenna (official diary) (postage) (ordered)
2. Rebekh (official diary x2) (ordered)
3. Jiahui (official diary) (postage) (ordered)
4. Shirlene Loo (calendar type c) (ordered) reg post
5. Angelyn Leow (official diary) (ordered) postage
6. Jasmine (Calendar ver C) (ordered)
7. Jasmine (postage – photobook) (ordered)

미남이시네요 Pig Rabbit Doll‏
1. Byul X11 (ordered)
2. Henny (ordered)
3. Lee Siao Ming (ordered)
4. Jeffyer X4 (ordered)
5. Vivien Wong X2 (postage to 2 diff adds) (ordered)
6. Karen (postage) (ordered)
7. Yuxuan (postage) (ordered)
8. Zhi Ru (postage) (ordered)
9. Aida Ubaidah (ordered)
10. Rachel X2 (ordered)
11. Catherine (ordered)
12. Olivia (ordered) postage
13. Cho Cho Nwe (ordered)
14. Sherrill Neo (ordered)
15. JeffyerX3 (ordered)
16. khaichyiX2 (postage) (ordered)
17. StephanieX3 (ordered)
18. Leng Yu Lin (ordered)
19. Cheryl Hiew (reg mail to msia) (ordered)
20. Hui Zhen (ordered)
21. Charity Apelo (airmail) (ordered)
22. Angie (postage) (ordered)
23. Delphine (ordered)
24. Alina
25. Cindy Wee (ordered)
26. StephanieX2 (ordered)
27. Divya

SHINee’s Year of Us
1. Alan (ordered)
2. Eileen Lau (ordered)
3. Jeff (postage) (ordered)
4. Eileen Lau (ordered)
5. Jiayi (ordered)

2pm’s 1st album
1. Alan (ordered)

미남이시네요 Novel vol 1
1. Jing Yin (both) postage (ordered)
2. Joanne (both) BT (ordered)
3. Yeo Kah Hui (both) (ordered)
4. Hui Ting (both) (ordered)
5. Audrey (2comic novel; 1photobook novel) (ordered)
6. Xin Lin (novel photobook) (ordered) postage – sent
7. Ade Wong (comicX2) (reg mail) (ordered)
8. Winnie (both) (collecting in jan) (ordered)
9. Ade Wong (both) (ordered)
10. Ade Wong (Novel Comic X2) reg post (ordered)
11. Patricia Lim (both) postage (ordered)
12. Bloom (novel photobook) (ordered)
13. Gina (comic) (ordered)
14. Ang Wee Bee (both) (ordered)

Big Bang 2010 Merchandises
1. Zarifah (official diary) (ordered) postage
2. Audrey (calendar A and C, official diary, scheduler) (ordered)
3. Qiu Yi Lai (official diary) (ordered)

U R Man DVD Special
1. Ziai (postage; poster tubed) (ordered)Gladys (Ceci – dec) (ordered)
Byul (wawagirl sept) (ordered)
Kailing (wawagirl sept) (ordered)

미남이시네요 Calendar
1. Tang Wai San (postage) (ordered)
2. Winnie (ordered)
3. Ang Wee Bee (ordered)

미남이시네요 Novel Vol2
1. Bloom (novel photobook) (ordered)
2. Gina (comic) (ordered)
3. Ang Wee Bee (both) (ordered)
4. Audrey Sim (both) (ordered)
5. Bloom (comic) (ordered)

미남이시네요 Novel Vol 3
1. Winnie (comic) (ordered)
2. Bloom (comic) (ordered)

Big Bang 2010 Mechandises
1. Jasmine (official diary and calendar A) (ordered) postage

2pm’s 1st album
1. Kevyna – poster tubed (ordered)
2. Sophia (ordered)

1. Jiamin

Heartbreaker album
1. Rebekh (ordered)

1. Tang Wai San (piano book – postage) (ordered)

Mirotic Concert DVD
1. Lixin (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Yanling (ordered)
3. Michelle See (ordered)
4. Gina (ordered)
5. Yan QiX4 (ordered)
6. Tiffanyx2 (ordered)
7. Winnie Yip (ordered)
8. Josephine X2 (postage) (ordered)
9. Ct Naqiah (ordered)
10. Celestia (postage) (ordered)
11. Xaih Xuan (ordered)
12. Nina (postage) (ordered)
13. Ang Wee Bee (ordered)
14. Janiceeeeee (ordered)

2pm’s 1st album
1. Elly (postage) (ordered)
2. Isabelle Lee (ordered)

Mirotic ver A
1. Emeline Han (ordered)

Eun Ji Won 5th Album
1. Isabelle Lee (poster tubed) (ordered)

SHINee Year of Us
1. Elly (postage) (ordered)

Super Show 2CD
1. Jun Qing (ordered)

미남이시네요 OST
1. Rui Xuan (OST1) postage (ordered)
2. Cindy Wee (OST1 and OST2) (ordered)
3. Ang Wee Bee (OST1) (ordered)

1. Celine (OST – luxury edition) (ordered)

SNSD Concert Goodies
1. Jeffyer (9p bromide) (ordered)
2. JR (9p bromide X2) (ordered)
3. JR (3D File Set X10) (ordered)
4. JM (9p bromide X10) (ordered)
5. JM (3D File Set) (ordered)
6. Jeffyer (9p bromide) (ordered)
7. Chevy Ang (9p bromide) postage – rolled in poster tube (ordered)
8. Zhen Yi (9p bromide X14) (ordered)
9. Zhen Yi (3D file set X5) (short of $2) (ordered)
10. Amanda Cheang (seohyun shirt – M) (ordered)
11. Wenna Poon (3D File X2) (ordered)
12. Zhiming Heng (3D file) (ordered)
13. Shao Heng (9p bromide) postage (ordered)
14. Zeng Yang Heng (9p bromide) postage (ordered)

Collector Cards
1. Kaylyn (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
2. Pei Pei (1pack – SNSD) (ordered)
3. JM (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
4. Guo Hao (5packs – SNSD) (postage) (ordered)
5. Abbey (7sets – SNSD) (ordered)
6. Cher Whay Chuin (2 sets – SNSD) (ordered)
7. Goh Ser Ming (5packs-SNSD) (ordered)
8. Yongliang (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
9. Amanda Cheang (2sets – SNSD) (ordered)
10. Chevy Ang (1 set – SNSD) postage (ordered)
11. Ee Liang (1set – SNSD) (ordered) postage
12. Zeng Yang Heng (2sets – SNSD) (postage) (ordered)
13. Travis Wong (2 sets – SNSD) (ordered)
14. Yong Liang (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
15. Emily Poh (2sets – DBSK) (ordered)
16. Wei Yu (1set – SNSD) (postage) (ordered)
17. Hui Ting (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
18. Shanel See (2sets – SNSD) (ordered)
19. Timothy Koh (1set – SNSD) (ordered)
20. Andy (SNSD set x4) (ordered)
21. Jiawei (SNSD set X4 – ver1;) ($1) (ordered)
22. Shanel See (SNSD set ver 2 x3) (ordered)
23. Jiawei (SNSD set – ver2 x1)
24. Ying Xin (SNSD set ver 2 x1) (ordered)
25. Goh Jeffrey (SNSD set – ver2) postage (ordered)
26. Zita Sham (SNSD ser ver2x2) (ordered)
27. Abbey Fong (SNSD set ver2x10)
28. Eeliang (SNSD set ver2) (ordered)
29. J Wong (2nd) (ordered)
30. Fang Yu – ver2 and ver 1 (ordered)
31. J Wong (ver2.5) (ordered)

1. Yanling (ordered)

T-ara 1st Album
1. Zeng Yang Heng (ordered)
2. Zeng Yang Heng (postage) (ordered)
3. Yoke Ling (postage) (ordered)

1. Zeng Yang Heng (gee album) postage (ordered)

Iris OST
1. Gladys

1. Patricia Lim (both) (postage) (ordered)
2. Winnie Yip (both) (ordered)

Big Show Photobook
1. Atiqah (ordered)

History in Japan 4
1. Ang Wee Bee – hk version (ordered)

Heaven’s Postman Novel
1. Ang Wee Bee (ordered)
2. Hui Ting (postage) (ordered)
3. Edah (reg mail) (ordered)

C.N Blue – Bluetory
1. Catherine (ordered)
2. Elle (postage) (ordered)
3. Hui Ting (postage) (ordered)
4. Chris (ordered)
5. nahdiyah (postage) (ordered)
6. Azi (postage) (ordered)
7. Andy Tay (ordered)

Big Show Concert DVD
1. Brenda Wee (ordered)
2. Tiffany (ordered) refunded
3. Mackey Tan (ordered)
4. Ain (ordered)
5. Chia Yuen Ling (ordered)

Koe Wo Kikasete Single
1. Brenda Wee – korea version (ordered)

History in Japan 4
1. Brenda Wee – japan version (ordered)

2pm’s 1st album
1. Rui Xuan (postage – folded) (ordered)

SNSD 2nd album
1. Zhiming HengX4 (ordered) meetup
2. Chevy Ang (postage) (ordered)
3. Kaylyn (postage) (ordered)
4. Sherman (ordered) folded poster
5. Zeng Yang Heng X4 (postage) (ordered)
6. Derek (postage) (ordered)
7. Kenny Cheng X3 (ordered)
8. Shaun Lee (ordered)
9. Abbey X8 (ordered)
10. Ee Liang (ordered) reg post – poster tubed
11. Chang Shui (ordered)
12. Guo Hao (ordered)
13. Alan (ordered)
14. Goh Ser Ming (ordered)
15. Zhenci X2 (ordered)
16. Chang Yi (ordered)
17. Jacey (ordered)
18. Li BingX3 (ordered)
19. Alvin Goh (ordered)
20. Shuo Xian (ordered)
21. Wilfred (reg mail – poster tubed) (ordered)
22. Travis Wong X30
23. Shiyun (postage) (ordered)
24. Kenny Cheng (ordered)
25. Huilin (ordered)
26. Joseph (ordered)
27. Huiting (poster tubed)
28. Shiong Gee (ordered)
29. nahdiyah (postage) (ordered)
30. Kenny Weex4
31. Janice (ordered)
32. Susan (ordered)

2AM mini album
1. Kaylyn (postage) (ordered)
2. Audrey Sim (ordered)
3. Jori (poster tubed)
4. Jori (poster tubed)

2pm 10×10 polaroids
1. Crystal Chua (postage) (ordered)
2. Michelle Ang (postage) (ordered)
3. Byul X6 (ordered)
4. Zixian (ordered)
5. Clarissa (ordered)
6. Jia Min (ordered)
7. Yujun (ordered)
8. Rae (ordered)
9. Yenping (ordered)
10. Hui Ting Lo (postage) (ordered)
11. Yue Yu (ordered)
12. Jacintha lee (ordered)
13. Qudsia JuwandaX2 (ordered)
14. Zhi Hua (ordered)
15. Rachel (sinfath.raven) (airmail) (ordered)
16. Shaheera (postage)
17. Jori (postage)
18. Nurul Atikah (reg postage)
19. Fazlina (postage)
20. Huisi (reg post)
21. Yanyan
22. Joyce Lim (postage)
23. Zhen Yi x2
24. Nurul Anisah
25. Yi Lin
26. Yolanda Yeo
27. Megat Shah Rezza
28. Ang Wee Bee (ordered)
29. Charmaine Seex2 postage (ordered)
30. Qurratu
31. Nurlissya (postage)
32. Sara postage
33. Jermin x2
34. Wei Lin Yeo reg mail
35. Goh Jeffrey (postage) (ordered)
36. Khalysha Munirah
37. Zarifah (ordered)
38. Charlene Chua (ordered)
39. Amriah (ordered)
40. Brenda reg mail (ordered)
41. Nur Syazwani (2pm polaroid) (ordered)

2pm 10×10 mugs
1. Natsuko (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
2. Jasmine Ong (wooyoungX1; junhoX1) (ordered)
3. Michelle Ang (wooyoungX1; chansungX1) (ordered)
4. Byul (taecX1; junsuX1)(ordered)
5. Tamelia Lim (junhoX1) (ordered)
6. Bernard (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
7. Andrea (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
8. Nur Amani (junsuX1) (ordered)
9. Fatin Fadhilah Razali (taecX1) (ordered)
10. Jia Min (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
11. Genevieve Tan (khunX1; junsuX1) (ordered)
12. Huiren (khunX1) postage (ordered)
13. Huang (junhoX1; taecyeonX1) (reg postage) (ordered)
14. Sin Ying (junsuX1) (ordered)
15. Cheryl Hiew (wooyoungX1) (ordered) postage
16. Denise (chansungX1; junsuX1) postage (ordered)
17. Shaheera (khunX1) postage (ordered)
18. Maria Anggraeni (wooyoungX2; taecyeonX2) (airmail) (ordered)
19. Fiza (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
20. Samantha (junsuX1; taecX1) postage (ordered)
21. Denise (khunX1; wooyoungX1) (ordered)
22. Yenping (wooyoungX1; junsuX1) (ordered)
23. Nadia (wooyoungX1; taecX1) (ordered)
24. Yue Yu (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
25. Clarissa (taecX1) (ordered)
26. Zhi Hua (khunX1) (ordered)
27. Virna (junsuX1) (postage) (ordered)
28. Winnie Yip (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
29. Elly (junsuX1) (ordered)
30. Qudsia Juwanda (khunX2; taecX2; wooyoungX2) (ordered)
31. Vanessa (taecX1; khunX1; wooyoungX1; junsuX1; junhoX3) (ordered)
32. Yolanda Yeo (khunX1; wooyoungX1)(ordered)
33. Chris (chansungX1) (ordered)
34. Rae (wooyoungX1) (ordered)
35. Yanyan (khunX1; wooyoungX1)
36. Dan (taecX1)
37. Qurratu (khunx1; wooyoungx1)
38. Zoe Huang (wooyoungx1; junhox1)
39. Nurul Atikah (junsuX1) reg postage (ordered)
40. Fazlina (khunx1; wooyoungx1) postage
41. nahdiyah (taecX1; wooyoungX1) (postage)
42. Huisi (reg post; wooyoungx1)
43. Charity Apelo (taecX1) airmail
44. Zhi Ting (khunX1)
45. Ryna (wooyoungX1)
46. Khaichyi (taecx1)
47. Zhen Yi (khunx1; wooyoungx1; junsux1)
48. Huei Shan (khunX1) (ordered)
49. Jo (khunX1) (ordered)
50. Yong Liang (khunx1; taecx1)
51. Selina (junhox1) reg postage
52. Felicia Goh (khunx2)
53. Khuzaimah (khunx1) (ordered)
54. Sinhui (khunX1)
55. Ang Wee Bee (khunX1) (ordered)
56. Liang Liang (khun mugx1)

2pm Mobile Phone Skin
1. Jasmine Ong (junho iphoneX1) (ordered)
2. Zixian (khun iphoneX1) (ordered)
3. Noella (chansung LG CrystalX1) postage (ordered)
4. Rachel (sinfath.raven) (taec LG CrystalX1) (airmail) (ordered)
5. Marina Chin (Iphone – wooyoung)
6. Amanda Chan (Iphone – khun)
7. Jiaying (LG Lollipop – wooyoung)
8. Jasmine Loo (polaroid; Ice Cream phone – khun)
9. Kerrri Tan (junsu – LG Chocolate skin) postage
10. Nurlissya Suwandi (khun’s mobile skin for LG Lollipop) (ordered)

2pm’s 1st album
1. Khairun Narizza (airmail)

U kiss Vol1
1. Sinying (poster tubed) (ordered)

Beast 1st Mini Album
1. Byul (ordered)
2. Zhenci (ordered)
3. Qudsia Juwanda (ordered)
4. Emily Lim (postage) (ordered)
5. Jasmine Loo (ordered)
6. Vivien Chua (ordered)
7. Chong Yan Ting (ordered)
8. Charmaine (reg mail) (ordered)
9. Tan Soon Min (ordered)
10. Kenia (ordered)

TVXQ Break Out single
1. Mus (CD only – jp) (postage) (ordered)
2. Josephine (CD+DVD) X3 (postage) (ordered 1)

2AM Mini Album
1. Byul (ordered)

Brown Eyed Girls 3rd album Repackage
1. Zhen Yi (ordered)

FT Island Hown Cap
1. Sin Ying (pink) (ordered)
2. Nur Amani (Black/Yellow) (ordered)

FTI MBC collection DVD
1. Lina (ordered)
2. Jia Li (postage) poster folded (ordered)
3. Aisya (ordered)
4. Marina Chin (ordered)
5. Jessie (ordered)

Big Bang 2010 Photobook
1. Goh Ser Ming (ordered)

SNSD Genie Mini Album
1. lee xing ze X2 (postage) (ordered)

SNSD Gee mini album
1. lee xing ze X2 (postage) (ordered)

Brown Eyed Girls 3rd album Repackage
1. Pei Pei (ordered)

BEG 2nd Mini Album
1. Pei Pei (ordered)

BEG 2nd album
1. Pei Pei (ordered)

BEG 3rd album
1. Pei Pei (ordered)

T-ara repackage
1. Zeng Yang Heng X3 limited edition (postage) (ordered)
2. Samantha limited edition (ordered)
3. Catherine (normal) (ordered)
4. Lee Lin Jun (limited – postage) (ordered)
5. J Wong (breaking hearts – normal) (ordered)

Beast Shock of the New Era
1. Samantha (ordered)
2. Alan x2 (ordered)
3. Emily Lim (postage) (ordered)
4. Jori x2 (postage) (ordered)
5. Tamelia Lim (ordered)
6. Chong Yan Ting

SNSD Baby Baby Repackage
1. Shuo Xian (ordered)
2. Marcus (postage) (ordered)

FTI Double Date
1. Jia Li (ordered)

Kara Lupin
1. Zeng Yang Heng (postage) (ordered)
2. Pei Pei
3. Lee Lin Jun (postage) (ordered)
4. Zeng Yang Heng (ordered)

DBSK Best Selection 2010
1. Celestia (postage) (korea 2CD+DVD) (ordered)
2. Shahirah Roslan Lee (postage) (korea 2CD+DVD) (ordered)
3. Winnie Yip (korea 2CD+DVD) (ordered)
4. nahdiyah (postage) (korea 2CD+DVD) (ordered)

G-Dragon Shine A Light Concert Making Book
1. Beatrice (ordered)
2. Jumaah (ordered)
3. Si Min Lim (ordered)
4. Shirlene (ordered)
5. Yuen Ling (ordered)
6. Yuen Ling (uncut) (ordered)
7. Marui (ordered)

미남이시네요 Director’s Cut DVD (ORDERED)
1. Winnie Yip (name on card : Winnie Yip)
2. Noella Wee (name on card : noella)
3. XY (name on card : Xinyi Lim, Singapore)
4. Eva LimX2 (name on card : Eva Lim Meng Yen and Lim Ai Li)
5. Syairah (name on card : Syairah)
6. Amanda Chua (name on card : Amanda)
7. Yeonchae (name on card : Yeonchae)
8. Sherrill Neo (name on card : sherrill neo)
9. Alyssa (name on card : Leck Choon Ling)
10. Xin Lin (name on card : Chong Xin Lin) postage
11. Su Lin (name on card : Chong Su Lin)
12. Aisya (name on card : aisyatus) postage
13. Audrey Sim (name on card : Victoria Teo)
14. Michelle See (name on card : Michelle See)
15. Clarissa Yong (postage) (ordered)

1. Alvin Goh (ordered)
2. Huilin (ordered)
3. Jacey x2 (ordered)
4. Zeng Yang Heng X3 (ordered) postage
5. Marcus Tham (postage) (ordered)
6. Abbey x3 (ordered)
7. Jeff Goh (ordered) postage
8. Tan Yan Yan x6 (ordered)
9. Goh Ser Ming (ordered)
10. Shanel See x7 (ordered)
11. Kaylyn (postage) (ordered)
12. Timothy Koh (ordered)
13. Pearlin (ordered)
14. Fang Yu (ordered)
15. Abbey X5 (ordered)
16. Andy (ordered)
17. John Lee (ordered)
18. Jonathan Ong (postage) (ordered)
19. Jasmine Soh (postage) (ordered)
20. Cheryl (postage)
21. Adeline Wongx2 (ordered)
22. Jeffyer (ordered)
23. Qiumin (postage) (ordered)

2AM Album+DVD
1. Lin Jun (postage – 3) (ordered)
2. Jori (postage) (ordered)
3. Kaylyn (postage) (ordered)
4. Gladys Ng (ordered)

U-Kiss Vol1
1. Elly (ordered)
2. Jia Min Koh (ordered)

SNSD Encore Concert Goodies
1. Abbey Fong (3 bromide sets) (ordered)
2. Pei Pei (hp strap set 3) (ordered)
3. Travis Wong (2 bromide sets) (ordered)
4. Kaylyn (2 bromide sets) postage (ordered)
5. Timothy Koh (bromide set) (ordered)

After School Single
1. Shao Heng (postage) (ordered)

2AM Album+DVD
1. Eileen Lau (ordered) (ordered)

Supreme Vol1
1. Isabelle (postage) (ordered)

G-Dragon’s Shine A Light Concert DVD
1. Catherine (uncut) (ordered)
2. Meixian (uncut) (ordered)
3. Zhenna (uncut) (ordered)
4. Karen Lai (uncut) (ordered)
5. Brenda (uncut) (ordered)
6. Ximin (uncut) (ordered)
7. Siti Suhaila Sulaimi (uncut ver) (ordered)

TVXQ 4th live Tour 2009 -Final in Tokyo Dome DVD
1. Nina (postage) (ordered)
2. Ct Naqiah (korea ver) (ordered)
3. Xaih Xuan (taiwan ver) (ordered)

1. Li Bing Wong (ordered)
2. Xingyi
3. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior Boys in City 3 – Hong Kong
1. Goh Jeffrey (ordered)
2. Jun Qin (ordered)
3. Chris (ordered)
4. Yang Yue x1
5. Wendy x2 (ordered)
6. Jillian (ordered)
7. Wanling (ordered)

2pm 3rd Single
1. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
2. Jasmine Loo (ordered)
3. Meixian (ordered)
4. Fatin (poster tubed) (ordered)
5. Qurratu (ordered)
6. Alison (reg mail) (ordered)
7. Elle (poster tubed) (ordered)
8. Tess (poster sent) (ordered)
9. Stephanie Cool (ordered)

MBLAQ 2nd mini album
1. Samantha Koh (ordered)
2. Callista Teo (ordered)
3. Vivien Chua (ordered)
4. Marina Chin (ordered)
5. Kevnya (reg mail) (ordered)
6. Jingwen (ordered)
7. Jasmine Loo (ordered)

MBLAQ 1st mini album
1. Kevyna (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Shanying (ordered)

CN Blue Bluelove
1. Zarifah (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Elle (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Jun Qin (ordered)
4. Jo (ordered)
5. Andy Tay (ordered)
6. Jasmine Loo (ordered)
7. Eileen Lau (ordered)
8. Russell (ordered)

Chung Lim 2nd mini album
1. Elle (ordered)

After School 3rd Single – Bang
1. Chong Yu Lun (ordered)

Kara Sweet Muse Gallery MBC DVD Collection
1. Linjun X3 (ordered)
2. Xing Yi (ordered)
3. Jacelyn (ordered)

SNSD 1st Photobook
1. Kelvin (postage) (ordered)
2. Shiong Gee Bea (ordered)
3. Shanel See x3 ($6) (ordered)
4. Zita Sham (ordered)
5. Marcus Tham (ordered)
6. Josh (postage) (ordered)
7. Alvin Goh (ordered)
8. Travis’ fren (2sets)
9. Leon Heng
10. Eeliang (ordered)
11. J Wong x2 (ordered)

Super Junior 4th Album
1. Jacey (verA) (ordered)
2. Alison (verA – reg mail) (ordered)
3. Queenie (both vers) (ordered)
4. Yaya (ver B) (ordered)
5. Elle (both vers) poster tubed (ordered)
6. Sab (versionA X2) (ordered)
7. Rebecca Lew (both vers) poster tubed (ordered)
8. Huizhen (both vers) poster tubed (ordered) – ver a poster oos
9. Marina Chin (verB) (ordered)
10. Loh Qiu-Lyng (verC) poster tubed (ordered)
11. Rebecca (verC x2) poster tubed (ordered)
12. Shakila (verC) poster tubed
13. Jacey (verC) (ordered)
14. Samantha Lee (verC) poster tubed (ordered)
15. Huizhen (verC)
16. Vivien Chua (verC) (ordered)
17. Vanessa (verC) poster tubed (ordered)
18. Samantha Koh (verC) (ordered)
19. Bei Si (verB) (ordered)
20. Jasmine Soh (verC) (ordered) poster tubed
21. Vivi (verC) (ordered)
22. Queenie (verC) (ordered)
23. Elle (verC) (ordered)
24. Shirlene (versionA) (ordered)
25. Jasmine Loo (verC x2) (ordered)
26. Jacey (A and B) (ordered)

Lee Hyori 4th Album : H-Logic
1. Elle (poster tubed) (ordered)

Lee Jun Ki Korean Learning Guide Book
1. Zhi Ru (English Version – reg mail) (ordered)
2. Fiza (Eng ver) (ordered)

Rain Back to the Basic
1. Elle (poster tubed) (ordered)

KARA albums
1. Xingyi (1st album) (ordered)
2. Li Bing Wong (honey mini album) (ordered)
3. Li Bing Wong (pretty girl mini album) (ordered)
4. Li Bing Wong (1st mini album) (ordered)
5. Li Bing Wong (1st album) (ordered)
6. Li Bing Wong (2nd album – revolution) (ordered)
7. Xingyi (ordered) (honey mini album)
8. Cher Whay Chuin (2nd mini album + Honey album) (ordered)
9. Jacelyn (2nd album) (ordered)
10. Jacelyn (2nd album limited edition) (ordered)
11. Yanling (2nd album) (ordered)
12. Jacelyn (postage – honey) (ordered)
13. Xingyi (1st mini album) (ordered)
14. Xingyi (2nd mini album) (ordered)
15. Xingyi (2nd mini album – honey) (ordered)

G-Dragon Shine A Light Concert Album
1. Yuen Ling (ordered)

After School Playgirlz photobook
1. Cheryl (postage) (ordered)
2. Luqman (ordered)
3. Bryan Lim (ordered)

After School 2nd mini album
1. Cheryl (postage) (ordered)

After School Album – Virgin
1. Russell (ordered)

Davichi – Love Delight Mini Album
1. Russell (ordered)

Sungha Jung’s Perfect Blue
1. Samantha Lee x2 (ordered) postage
2. Mindy (ordered)

FTI Hown Cap
1. Xuan Hui (black/yellow) (ordered)

FTI MBC Collection DVD
1. Xuan Hui (ordered)

대국남아 1st mini album : Awake
1. Huizhen (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Yoke Ling (ordered)

Jay Park EP
1. Samantha Koh (2p set) (ordered)
2. Jori (2p set) reg mail (ordered)
3. Mindy (1p set) (ordered)
4. Charmaine See (2p set) (ordered)
5. Kevyna (postage) (ordered)

SHINee 2nd album
1. Samantha Koh (both ver) (ordered)
2. Catherine (verBx2) (ordered)
3. Jingwen (both ver) (ordered)
4. Shimah Azli (verA) poster tubed (ordered)
5. Priscilla (verA) (ordered)
6. Zhen Yi (verA x5; verBx6) (ordered)
7. Jacey (verA) (ordered)
8. Jingwen (both ver) (ordered)
9. Siti Zuhailah (both ver w/o posters) reg mail (ordered)
10. Elle (both ver) (ordered)
11. Serena Goh (both ver) (ordered)
12. Shirlene (both ver x2) (ordered)
13. Jasmine Loo (both ver) (ordered)
14. Charmaine (both ver) poster tubed – reg mail (ordered) poster sent
15. Jiamin (both ver) (ordered)

DBSK 3rd Live Tour DVD
1. Ct Naqya (ordered)

DBSK Collection Kr version
1. JS (A-side x2) postage (ordered)
2. Jovis (A-side) (reg mail) (ordered)

Se7en Digital Bounce
1. Karen Lai (ordered)

Infinite Mini Album
1. Jiahui (ordered)
2. Callista (ordered)
3. Shermaine (ordered)
4. Callista Teo (ordered)
5. Fernanda Heng (ordered)

G.Na first mini album
1. Callista (ordered)

Teen Top Mini Album
1. Jiahui (ordered)
2. Callista (ordered)
3. Denise Tan (ordered)

1. Jingwen – 2 run devil run poster, 1 sorry sorry ver c poster – to return $5

Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition
1. Jori (ordered)
2. Zahidah Ahmad (ordered) reg mail
3. Gracia Chua (ordered)
4. Chloe Gan (ordered)
5. Marcus Tham (ordered)

After School Playgirlz photobook
1. Beatrice (ordered)

ZE:A Leap for Detonation
1. Jori (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Wong Weili (2nd) (ordered) (arrived) (postage w ZE:A’s album)

BoA’s 6th album
1. Xin Lin – w/o poster (postage) (ordered)

Girls Generation iPopcorn Hair Straightener
1. Huiting (postage) (ordered)
2. Cassandra Teng (postage) (ordered)
3. Elizabeth Tan (pink) (postage) (ordered)
4. Rebecca (postage) (ordered)

Taeyang Solar normal
1. Sim Shin Ying (ordered)
2. Xiao Jing Wen (ordered)

1. Jingwen (ordered) – Chu
2. Yoke Ling (ordered) – NU ABO
3. Gervina (ordered) (shipped) (arrived) – NU ABO
4. Jonathan Ong (ordered) (shipped) (arrived) – Electric shock

3hree Voices
1. Elle (ordered)

FT Island 3rd Live Concert Mens Stories DVD
1. Lina Yak (ordered)

2pm Balloons
1. Jasmine Loo (ordered)

Big Bang Tell Me Goodbye Single
1. Pei Pei (CD only) (ordered)

TVXQ Wristband (ORDERED)
1. Meixian (postage)
2. Charlotte x6 (postage) adding on 2
3. JS x2 (reg mail)
4. nur hazwani bt. azizan x4 (postage to msia)
5. Wenxin x2 (normal postage)
6. Charlotte x2 (postage)
7. Cherie
8. Gladys Ng

2NE1 – To Anyone
1. Teng Teng (postage) (ordered)
2. Zhi Xiang (postage) (ordered)
3. Kevyna – poster tubed (ordered)
4. Pei Pei (ordered)
5. Ximin (ordered)
6. Jasmine Loo (ordered)Levine (ordered)

Genie Japan Ver
1. Shiong Gee – normal (postage) (ordered)
2. John Lee – normal (postage) (ordered)
3. Yujie – normal (ordered)
4. Inez Lim (ordered)
5. Leon Heng (postage) (ordered)
6. Jeremy (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Girl’s Generation Torai – Rainichi Kinenban – New Beginning Of Girls’ Generation
1. Marcus Tham (ordered)

Beast Mastermind
1. B2STSG – 268 copies
2. Vanessa – US poster tubed (ordered)
3. Nurzaty – US poster tubed (ordered)
4. Sherra Jonas – Msia – poster tubed (ordered)
5. Stephanie Au X2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
6. Pei Pei (ordered)
7. Zi Ai x2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
8. Fernanda Heng x2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
9. Chong Yan Ting x3 – SG meetup (ordered)
10. Jacey (ordered)
11. Rachel Clark (ordered)
12. Yiting Seah (ordered) poster tubed
13. Kai Ting (ordered)
14. Ain (ordered)
15. Kenia (ordered)
16. Jiamin (ordered)

SHINee Hello Repackage
1. Samantha Koh (ordered)
2. Emily (ordered)
3. Weien (poster tubed) (ordered)
4. Shirlene Loo (ordered)
5. Jacey (ordered)
6. Nurlissya Suwandi (ordered)
7. Yiting (ordered)
8. Ain (ordered)
9. Shen yiyin
10. Pamela (ordered)
11. Gervina (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Miss A 2nd Single
1. Shirlene Loh (ordered)

Ukiss mini album – Break Time
1. Samantha Koh (ordered)
2. Shirlene LohX2 (ordered)
3. Fatin (ordered)

Taeyang Solar INTL ver
1. Kevyna – poster tubed (ordered)
2. Alexis (ordered)

FT Island Beautiful Journey
1. Queenie (ordered)
2. Lina Yak (ordered)
3. Jet Goh (ordered)
4. Levine (ordered)
5. Shanying (ordered)
6. Shahirah ALI (bought in korea)
7. Clarissa Yong (postage) (ordered)

DBSK Best Selection CD+DVD
1. Yining (ordered)

Big Bang 2010 Concert DVD
1. Rebecca (ordered)
2. Samantha Lee (postage) (ordered)
3. Clara Lee x2 (short of $4) (ordered)
4. Alexis Koh (ordered)

4minute – Hit Your Heart
1. Kaylyn (ordered)

Son Dambi – Queen Mini Album
1. Andy Tay (ordered)

2AM Saint O Clock
1. Gabriela Fontes (limited – EMS to brazil) (ordered)
2. Crystal (limited x1; normal x1) reg postage for albums, normal postage for posters (ordered)
3. Noella (limitedx1) postage (ordered)
4. Teh Zi Yun (limited x1) TP (ordered)
5. Xin Yi Chua (limitedx1) (ordered)
6. Oh Shannon (limitedx1) (ordered)
7. Yen Ping (limitedx1) (ordered)
8. Inez (limited x1) (ordered)
9. Emily (limitedx1) (ordered)
10. Yiru (limited ed) (ordered)
11. Ain (normal ed) (ordered)

JYJ The Beginning Luxury Edition
1. Elle (ordered)

SNSD Hoot Mini Album
1. Kelvin Oh x2 (postage) (ordered)
2. Shermaine (postage) (ordered)
3. AG (postage)
4. Kaylyn (postage) (ordered)
5. Ho Wei Jie (poster folded) (ordered)
6. Derrick Ong (postage) (ordered)
7. Pei Pei (ordered)
8. Teng Teng (postage) (ordered)
9. Fang Yu (ordered)
10. Bernard Koh (postage) (ordered)
11. Xin Yi Chua (TP) (ordered)
12. Joyce Ng x2 (ordered)
13. Shiong Gee (ordered)
14. Guo Hao (ordered)
15. Jane (ordered)
16. Jillian Ng (ordered)
17. Huilin (ordered)
18. Joshua Cheow (ordered)
19. Deborah (postage)
20. Derek Lim (ordered)
21. Yu Jun x2 (ordered)
22. Henry Tan (ordered)
23. Yiting (ordered)
24. Leon Heng x2 (postage) (ordered) poster sent
25. Nicholas Yau (ordered)

Group of 20 Single
1. Derrick One (postage) (ordered)

Still 2pm mini album
1. Crystal Cheong (reg postage- poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Weien x2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Sarah Sani (poster tubed) (ordered)
4. Angie Chan (ordered)
5. Megat Shah Rezza (ordered)
6. Nurlissya Suwandi (ordered) postage
7. Rebecca Lew (ordered)
8. Ain x2 (ordered)
9. Jasmine Loo x2 (ordered)

Park Yoochun Portraits of a Youth Photobook
1. Irene (ordered)

Beast Lights Go On Again
1. Alison Lim x2 (offline) (ordered)
2. Yong Zhi Xiang (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Sherra Jonas (transfer from msia) (ordered)
4. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered)
5. Yan Ting X3 (ordered)
6. Charmaine (reg mail) (ordered)
7. Charmaine x2 (reg post) (ordered)
8. Nat x2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
9. Ain (ordered)
10. Kai Ting x2 (ordered)
11. Wanling (ordered)
12. Kenia (ordered)

Co-ed first mini album
1. Callista (limitedx1)(ordered)
2. Lim Xueqi x2 (ordered)
3. Lim Xueqi x1 (ordered)

F.Cuz Gorgeous Mini Album
1. Lim Xueqi (ordered)
2. Lim Xueqi (ordered)

SNSD Gee Japan Version (Limited Pressing)
1. Inez (ordered)
2. Derrick Ong (postage)
3. Leon Heng (postage) (ordered)

Super Show 2 DVD
1. Rebecca Lew (ordered)
2. Syad x2 (ordered)

Supernova – Time to Shine
1. Evan Tan (ordered)

Rain Limited Edition Recollection
1. Ain (ordered)

After School 1st single
1. Ain (ordered)

Wonder Girls So Hot single
1. Ain (ordered)

SNSD record book
1. Yee Wei (ordered)
2. Gzerrel Lee (ordered)

Kara Jumpin Single
1. Xingyi x2 (korea ver) (ordered)
2. Beatrice Chen (korea ver)

FT Island Items
1. Jaslyn (1st Concert in Tokyo DVD) (ordered)

Xing 2nd Mini Album – My Girl
1. Xue Ling (ordered)

AJ 1st Album
1. Xue Ling (ordered)

Beast Japan Premium Album
1. Soonmin (ordered)
2. Nat (postage) (ordered)
3. Charhyunnie

JYJ Concert Goodies
1. Amelia (blanket)
2. Liying (blanket – postage) (ordered)
3. Jovis Ang (photobook and strap) reg mail (ordered)
4. Carrie (photobook and strap) (ordered)
5. Edna (photobook and strap) (ordered)
6. Marina Chin (photobook and strap and blanket) (ordered)
7. Amelia (photobook and strap) (ordered)
8. Pei Pei (photobook and strap x2) (ordered)
9. Beatrice (tumbler) (reg mail) (ordered)
10. JS (photobook and strap x3) (ordered)
11. Huiwen (file setx2, tumblerx2) (reg mail) (ordered)

Big Bang Official 2011 Items
1. Fatin – diary (postage) (ordered)
2. Lina – table calendar (ordered)
3. Kevyna Pang – diary (ordered) reg mail

2011 Calendars
1. J Wong (set of SNSD – desk and wall) (ordered)
2. Kelvin Oh (set of SNSD – desk and wall) (ordered)
3. Shermaine (SHINee – wall) (ordered)
4. Siti Zuhailah (SHINee – desk) reg mail (ordered)
5. Syad (SHINee – desk) (ordered)
6. Shu Xian (SHINee – wall) (ordered)
7. Pamela (SHINee – set) (ordered)
8. Shen Yiyin (SHINee – set) (ordered)
9. Jeffyer (SNSD – wall x4) (ordered)

T-ara Temptastic
1. J Wong (ordered)
2. Teng Teng (postage) (ordered)

YG Family Goods
1. Charmaine See – planner (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Ain (ordered)
3. Charmaine See – YG family planner (ordered)

Invincible Youth Photobook
1. Cassandra (reg mail) (ordered)

SKK Scandal Calendar 2011
1. Marina Chin (ordered)
2. JS (ordered)

SM The Ballad
1. Sheryl (ordered)
2. Emily (ordered)

Sungha 2011 Calendar
1. Mindy Chang (ordered)

FT Island Asia Tour 2010 Photobook
1. Lina Yak (ordered)

DBSK O Concert Photobook
1. Huiwen (reg mail)

IU Real Mini Album
1. Alicia Tai (ordered)

JYJ The Beginning New Limited Edition
1. Hui Cin (ordered)

DBSK Keep Your Head Down
1. xingying (special ed) (ordered)
2. xiaoying (special ed) (ordered)
3. Celestia (special ed – postage) (ordered)
4. Jovis Ang (special ed – reg mail) (ordered)
5. Ruyun (special ed) (ordered)
6. Rebecca (normal ed) (ordered)
7. Wanting (special ed) (ordered)
8. Amirah (special ed) (ordered)
9. Timothy Koh (special ed) (ordered)
10. Germaine (normal ed) (ordered)
11. Elizabeth Tong (special ed) (ordered)
12. Yoke Ling (normal ed) postage (ordered)
13. Jacey (special – postage) (ordered)
14. Clyntoria (special ed) (ordered)
15. Jovis Ang (repackage – reg mail) (ordered)
16. Henny – repackage (poster folded) (ordered)
17. Rebecca – repackage (ordered)
18. Emeline (ordered)
19. Jonathan Ong – repackage (ordered)
20. Huihoon (ordered) repackage

GTOP High High Album
1. Kevyna Pang (reg postage) (ordered)
2. Ain (ordered)
3. Fatin (ordered)
4. Van (ordered)
5. Shery (ordered)
6. Dora Zhang (overseas shipping) (ordered)
7. Fernanda Heng (poster tubed) (ordered)

CN Blue Season Greeting
1. Saffiah (postage) (ordered)

Big Show Making Book
1. Alexis (ordered)

Heaven’s Postman DVD
1. Naqya (ordered)
2. Sonjia (ordered)
3. Jean Tay (postage) (ordered)
4. Jolyn (ordered)
5. Faith Ng (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Into The New World Concert Album
1. Derek Limx2 (ordered)
2. J Wong (ordered)
3. Marcus Tham (ordered)
4. Wong Zi Qin (ordered)
5. Qiumin (postage) (ordered)

MBLAQ Blaq Style
1. Aainaa (ordered)

JYJ Music Essay – Their Rooms
1. xingying (ordered)
2. Cheryl x3 (ordered)
3. Marina Chin (ordered)
4. Edna (ordered)
5. Chia Kee (ordered) reg mail
6. Irene (ordered)
7. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered)
8. Nuraini Musalla x2 (reg mail) (ordered)
9. Jia Yun x2 (reg mail) (ordered)
10. Mingyan (ordered)
11. Amirah (ordered)
12. Jean Tay (ordered)
13. Demi Xu (postage) (ordered)
14. Eling Teo x2 (postage) (ordered)
15. Germaine x2 (ordered)
16. Janefann Ng (reg mail) (ordered)
17. Jacquelyn (to refund $21) (ordered)
18. Elizabeth (ordered)
19. Jing Ying (ordered)
20. Yoke Ling (postage) (ordered)
21. Winnie Yip (ordered)
22. Jolyn (ordered)
23. Pris Peck (ordered)
24. Fang Xinyi (postage) (ordered)
25. Clyntoria (ordered)

성균관스캔들 Official Goods
1. Marina Chin (Fan, Sticker, File Set B, Cellphone Strap 2 type B) (ordered)
2. Shamane (cellphone strap 2 Moon Jaeshin) (ordered)

Jaejoong Intermodulation Photobook
1. Jacquelyn (korea version) (ordered)
2. Germaine x2 (ordered)
3. Shen yiyin (ordered)
4. Charhyunnie (ordered)
5. Jolyn (ordered)
6. Elle (ordered)

So, Beast Season Greeting
1. Sharlen (postage) (ordered)
2. Felicia Goh x2 (reg post) (ordered)
3. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
4. Xinqi Lee (ordered)
5. Sonya (postage) (ordered)
6. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
7. Sabrina Teo (postage) (ordered)
8. Sherra Jonas
9. Alison
10. Byul
11. Charhyunnie (short of $1) (ordered)
12. Nat (smartpac) (ordered)
13. Rachael Bong (postage) (ordered)

SNSD Hoot Japan Album
1. Fang Yu (CD+DVD Limited Edition)
2. Nielsen (CD+DVD Deluxe Edition) – short of $5 (ordered)

FT Island Time 2011
1. Lina Yak (ordered)

Mary Stayed Out All Night Wall Calendar
1. Lina Yak (ordered)

Big Bang Lightstick
1. Fazliana (ordered)
2. Beatrice Chen

Epik High Pieces of You Album
1. Yoke Ling (ordered)

FT Island Japan Special Album Vol1 (KR ver)
1. Jaslyn (ordered)

1. Kevyna Pang (poster tubed)

Park Jung Min : Not Alone
1. Jacey Wong (ordered)
2. Hammie (ordered)
3. Hammie (postage) (ordered)

G.Na Black and White
1. Joey (postage) (ordered)

See Ya – See You Again
1. Aida (poster tubed – to return $0.50) (ordered)

Seungri 1st Mini Album
1. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
2. Marui (ordered)
3. Syaza (ordered)

JYJ The Anniversary Package of JYJ Worldwide Concert In Seoul 2CD+DVD
1. Alexis Koh (ordered)
2. Faith Ng (ordered) (arrived)

Secret garden official items
1. Marinan chin (sticker, wall calendar)
2. AG (desk calendar)
3. AG (sticker) (ordered)
4. Elle (sticker, clear file set – collected) (ordered)
5. Winnie Yip (special OST, comic vol1 and 2) (ordered)

Asmama items
1. Alison (3bunny rings, GTOP earrings, Yong Junhyung’s bracelet, 2NE1 earrings, Yoseob’s bracelet) to collect $6.80 (ordered) collected
2. Marina Chin (bunny ring – black size 15, bunny earrings – black) (ordered) collected
3. Cristal (2rings, 1earrings) airmail (ordered)
4. Yoke Ling (2necklaces) postage (ordered)
5. Clarie (2wristbands, 1earrings, 1necklace) (ordered)
6. Desiree Lim (headband) (ordered)
7. Pris Peck (5rings) (ordered)
8. Lina Yak (necklace – silver) (ordered)
9. Felicia (ordered)
10. Nurul Afiqah (earrings – red) (ordered)
11. Qi En
12. Felicia
13. Hui Ting
14. Chris
15. Erika
16. Aijia (5items) (ordered)
17. Claire Liang (2items) (ordered)
18. KM Lau ( size 16-17 size 16-17) (ordered)
19. Felicia Goh (2items) (ordered)
20. Aijia ( black) (ordered)
21. Claire – Yunho 2-piece Ring (ordered) (arrived)
22. Tammie (3 items) (ordered) (arrived)
23. Charlene (1bracelet – 18cm) (ordered) (arrived)
24. Fizah (3items) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Wei Lin Yeo (reg post) (ordered)
2. Priscilla Peck (reg postage) (ordered)
3. Fatin (ordered)

Dalmatian 1st mini album
1. Fernanda Heng (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Isabel Yeo (ordered)
3. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
4. Pris Peck (ordered)

All About Girls Generation Paradise in Phuket DVD Preview
1. J Wong x4 (ordered)
2. Jasmine Soh (postage) (ordered)
3. Marcus Tham (ordered)
4. Catherine (ordered)
5. Ernest lim x4 (ordered)
6. Chevy Ang (postage) (ordered)

Dream High
1. AG (OST and calendar) postage (ordered)
2. Yu Wen (OST and making book) (ordered)
3. Sarinah (OST and making book) (ordered)
4. Tan Si Yu (wooyoung mug, polaroid) postage (ordered)
5. Shiong Gee (IU’s notebook, polaroid set) (ordered)
6. Emeline (sticker) (ordered)

Secret Garden Special Package OST
1. AG (ordered)
2. Elle (ordered)

Welcome Back to Beast Airline Concert Goodies
1. Loh Jermin – T-shirt, Tumbler (PAID)
2. Jasmine Ong – T-shirt (PAID)
3. Fatin – T-shirt and Clear File Set (PAID)
4. Felicia Goh – Lightstick and Slogan (PAID)
5. Leepeng – T-shirt (PAID)
6. Eunice – Slogan, T-shirt (PAID)
7. Emily – T-shirt, Slogan and Clear File Set (PAID)
8. Yuyun – Passport, Lightstick and T-shirt (PAID)
9. Amirah – T-shirt (PAID)
10. Ling – Photobook, Passport and Mug (PAID)
11. Felia (Indonesia) – Lightstick x2 OOS, Neck Pillow OOS and Mug (PAID)
12. Diyana Amin – Photobook (PAID)
13. Emily – Clear File Set (PAID)

Welcome to Beast Airline Goods
1. Diyana Amin – T-shirt (ordered)
2. Claire Y – T-shirt (ordered)
3. Siti Suhaila Sulaimi – T-shirt (ordered)
4. Nazhirah – Photobook and Mug (PAID)

Fansite goods
1. Clarie (hyunseung’s slogan)
2. Jacquelyn (hyunseung’s slogan x2)
3. Melanie (hyunseung’s slogan – self-collection at concert site)
4. Cheryl Fun (hyunseung’s slogan)
5. Desiree Lim (hyunseung’s slogan – shipping paid)
6. Liyun (hyunseung’s slogan)
7. Stephanie Lee (hyunseung’s slogan x2)
8. Merlin (yong junhyung’s slogan along with lightstick)
9. Amirah (All About Wooyoung PB + DVD – EMS shipping $22 paid) (shipped)
10. Tay Suting (hyunseung’s slogan)
11. iisya (8 lovesomeys slogan, 1 baby s slogan, 3 theoriginal slogan, 2 ohboy dujun slogan, 1 sondongwoonnet slogan) (ordered)
12. Jane Tan (ohboy dujun slogan) (ordered)
13. Phoebe (ohboy dujun slogan) (ordered)
14. Jean (ohboy dujun slogan, lovesomeys slogan) postage (ordered)
15. Cherie (lovesomeys and hyunseungcom slogan) postage (ordered)
16. Hyrah (the original slogan) postage (ordered)
17. Sandra Ang (baby s slogan) (ordered)
18. Liyun (lovesomeys slogan – postage) (ordered)
19. Efiee (ohboy dujun slogan) (ordered) postage w scheduler reg
20. Angeline Lin (mtm slogan) (ordered) shipping = $3.50
21. Angeline Lin (baby s) (ordered)
22. Jon (lovesomeys slogan, ohboy dujun slogan, mtm slogan) (ordered) shipping = $3.50
23. Suhaila (mtm shirt – size 95) (ordered) shipping = $6
24. Felicia Goh (sondongwoonnet slogan, Goodman slogan, glow in the dark slogan, tumbler) (shipping = $13) (ordered)
25. Aijia (hyunseungcom slogan) (ordered)

Big Bang 4th Mini Album
1. Crystal Cheong (ordered) postage
2. Anarell Scarlet (ordered)
3. Fatin (ordered)
4. Jacey (postage) (ordered)
5. Jasmine Ong x2 (ordered)
6. Kailing (poster tubed) (ordered)
7. Mages (ordered)

Super Junior M Mini Album
1. Yiting Seah (ordered)

Genesis of Beast Clips Japan version
1. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
2. Dione Wong x2 (ordered) reg mail
3. Nat (smartpac) (ordered)

Beast Shock Japan version
1. Vanessa Yeo (ver A, B, C and D) (ordered)
2. Lai Jingyi (ver B – poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Cheryl Fun (ver A, B, C, D) (ordered)
4. Nat (ver A, B, C and D – smartpac) (ordered)
5. Merlin (ver B) (ordered)
6. Jacey Wong (2ver D w/o poster) postage (ordered)
7. Kenia – Shock Version A CD+Tshirt (ordered)
8. Raycher Pan SiJing – Shock version A (ordered)

ARASHI 10-11TOUR “Scene” – Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei – STADIUM (Hong Kong Version)
1. Michelle Yeo (postage) (ordered)

Tears of Heaven OST
1. JS (ordered)

ZE:A Lovability
1. Yiting (normal) (ordered)
2. Shermane Eng (normal edition) (ordered)

김준수 Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay with Friends
1. Amelia Tan (ordered)
2. Angelyn Leow (reg mail) (ordered)

Listen to the CNBlue DVD
1. Shamane (ordered)

Park Hyo Shin Gift Part2
1. Ain (ordered)

1. Ain (ordered)

Junior April Mag
1. Jasmin Soh (postage) (ordered)
2. Camay (ordered)
3. Vanessa Yeo – to refund $6 (ordered)
4. Chloe Tay (april x3) (ordered)
5. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
6. Nazhirah

CN Blue Thank You Repackage
1. Russell (ordered)

CN Blue First Step Special Limited Edition
1. Priscilla Chin (ordered)
2. Theresa Heng (ordered)
3. Michelle Ng (reg mail) (ordered)
4. Catrin Chen (ordered)
5. Jie Ying Loo (ordered)
6. Nazhirah Musa (ordered)

Big Bang 4.5 Album
1. Alison Lim (ordered)
2. Yong Zhi Xiang (poster tubed)
3. Shyan (ordered)
4. Siti Hajar (ordered)
5. Ethel Ong x2 (ordered)
6. Nurul Afiqah (ordered)

Bran New Kiss
1. Chelsea (ordered)
2. Shiong Gee x2 (ordered)

4minute Why Japan version
1. Merlin (ver A limited edition) (ordered)

Super Junior M Mini Album
1. Rebecca (ordered)

Kara Jet Coaster Love
1. Merlin (ver B) (ordered)

Arashi Anniversary 5×10 tour
1. Michelle Yeo (postage)(ordered)

Vogue April
1. Fang Yu (ordered)

B2UTY 1st Ceremony T-shirt
1. Amirah (postage)
2. Daphne (postage)
3. Tay Sok Ying (postage)
4. Siti Suhaila Sulaimi
5. Jasmine Ong
6. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
7. Gillian (airmail to msia) refund 12

YGeshop items
1. Ain (TOP pen, pen set, YG family cape, 3 2NE1 lightsticks, 1 BB lightstick) (ordered)
2. Asyurah (1x BB lightstick) (ordered)
3. Lynn (reg mail – BB lightstick) (ordered)
4. Valerie Chew (BB lightstick – postage) (ordered)
5. Lenore (3X BB Lightstick) (ordered)
6. Rae Foo (3x BB lightstick) (ordered)
7. Wendy Chou (BB lightstick – reg mail) (ordered)
8. Diana / Stephy (2x BB lightstick) (ordered)
9. Nurul Afiqah (sticker : black) (ordered)
10. Nurul Afiqah (BB lightstick) (ordered)
11. Valerie Chew (2x BB lightstick) (ordered) postage
12. Amelia Phua (BB lightstick) (ordered)
13. Catrin Chen (2x BB lightstick) (ordered)
14. Angela Wu (6 BB lightsticks, 3 2NE1 lightsticks) (ordered)
15. Cynthia Ow Xing Yu (1x BB lightstick) (ordered)
16. Andrea (BB lightstick)
17. Catrin Chen (6X BB lightstick) (ordered)
18. Diana (BB lightstick) (ordered)
19. Germaine (2ne1 lightstick) (ordered)
20. Shan Ying (5X lightsticks) (ordered)
21. Shirley Bong (BB lightstick) postage
22. Dione Wong x2
23. Qi En
24. Angela Wu (13 BB lightsticks + 1 2ne1) (ordered)
25. Audrey (BB lightstick)
26. Rae’s friend (BB lightstick)
27. Marui (BB lightstick) (ordered)
28. Aishah (BB lightstick) postage (ordered)
29. Nurlissya (opting for postage) – GD One Of A Kind Necklace
30. Nurlissya (opting for postage) – 2NE1 Official Lightstick x2
31. Marina (postage) – Alive Tour Hoodie – Size M x1
32. Marina (postage) – 2NE1 Official Lightstick x1
33. Emma (postage – 10) 2NE1 Official Lightstick x2
34. Junjun (postage) – BIGBANG Cell-phone Accessory Set x1
35. Junjun (postage) – GD One Of A Kind T-Shirt – Size M (BLACK) x1
36. Syhella (4 BB lightsticks) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Mr Taxi Japanese Single
1. 4169 (1 limited edition A) (ordered)
2. Dione (CD+DVD B Limited Edition Jacket B) postage (ordered)
3. J Wong (2 limited edition A, 1 limited edition B) (ordered)
4. Shemaine Wong (1 limited edition A) (ordered)

성균관스캔들 Official Goods
1. Xiang Bei (2011 planner) (ordered)

Christmas Gift from Dongbangshinki
1. Emeline Han (ordered)

Beast 2011 Daily Pad
1. Michelle Lee x2 (postage)
2. Aisyah (normal postage) (ordered)
3. Jonie (ordered)
4. Jasmine Ong (ordered)
5. Camay (ordered)
6. Dione Wong (postage) (ordered)
7. Vanessa Yeo (ordered)
8. Catrin Chen (ordered)
9. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
10. Gillian (airmail to msia) (ordered)
11. Nazhirah Musa (ordered)

Apink – Seven Springs of Apink
1. Jacquelyn (ordered)
2. Jonie (ordered)
3. Kaihoon (ordered)

Apink 2nd mini album Snow Pink
1. Kaihoon (ordered) (arrived)

B1A4 Let’s Fly
1. Jonie (ordered)
2. Stella (ordered)

Park Jung Min Photo Diary
1. Jasmine Ng (ordered)

Beast Fiction and Fact Special Edition
1. Jacquelyn x3 (ordered)
2. Vanessa Yeo (ordered)
3. Fatin (ordered)
4. Lai Qing (ordered)
5. Soonmin (ordered)
6. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
7. Lyana (poster postage paid) (ordered)
8. Keye Cheng (ordered)
9. Felicia (ordered) reg postage
10. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
11. Jane Tan (ordered)
12. Fernanda Heng (postage)
13. Nurlissya (postage)
14. Shermane Eng (ordered)
15. Jasmine Loo (ordered)
16. Natx3 (ordered)
17. Russell (ordered)

Beast Fiction and Fact
1. Fieyana (alison’s friend) (ordered)
2. Alison (ordered)
3. Sharlen Liew (poster tubed) (ordered)
4. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
5. JS (ordered)
6. Sherra Jonas (msia) (ordered)
7. Gina Tan
8. Jiamin Loh x2
9. Jennifer (ordered)
10. Stephanie Cool (ordered)
11. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)
12. Jing (ordered) (arrived)

Genesis of Beast
1. Vanessa (ordered)
2. Gina Tan

K-Indie Albums
1. Tan Hui Yi (Nell Vol. 4 – Separation Anxiety, No Reply 1st Single, Marigold 1st Single Album – Marigold) (ordered)
2. Tan Hui Yi (single) (ordered)

Jay Park’s Take A Deeper Look album‏
1. Maria Leong (poster tubed) (ordered)

FT Island Return
1. Priscilla Peck (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Nurlissya
3. Jieying (ordered)

49 days Premium OST
1. Hui Ting Tan (ordered) (postage)

Michelle Yeo (Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo (Taiwan Version) and Arashi Around Asia + in Dome Special Package (Normal Edition)(Hong Kong Version)) (ordered)

SNSD 1st Japanese Album
1. Liew Yen Kiat (Limited Pressing Edition CD+DVD) (ordered)
2. Daphne Nyu (2x Normal Edition) (ordered)

Beast Japanese Single – Bad Girl
1. Soonmin (ver A, B and C w/ postcards)
2. Jacey (ver D w/ postcards x3)
3. Zaty (ver D w/ postcards)
4. Vanessa (ver A w/ postcards)
5. Kenia (ordered) (ver A)
6. Claire (bad girl jacket a) (ordered)
7. Vanessa (ver A)

Secret Garden DVD
1. Tan Li Ping x3 (ordered)

Kim Hyun Joong 1st Mini Album
1. Jennifer Tan (ordered)
2. Peijuan

2pm 1st Concert Making Photobook – This is for my Hottest
1. Megat (ordered)

FT Island Satisfaction
1. Catrina Chen (normal edition)

2pm Hands Up Album
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed)
2. Jasmin Soh (limited ed) (ordered)
3. Megat (limited ed) 5 for postage (ordered)
4. Aida (concealed cash) bought in korea (special edition)
5. Fernanda Heng (2x special edition) (bought in korea)
6. Shanying (special edition)

Big Bang Big Show DVD 2011
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed)
2. Shanying (ordered)

국보소녀 National Treasure Girls MBC OST The Greatest Love
1. Michelle Ng (reg postage) (ordered)

YG Family Concert DVD
1. Michelle Ng (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Sitian (DVD postage paid) (bought in korea)
3. Albee Leong (postage) (ordered)

Jang Guen Suk 2010 Asia Tour 4DVD set
1. Winnie Yip (ordered)

All About Girls Generation DVD
1. Cornelius Toh (bought in korea)

Mblaq Mona Lisa
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) bought in korea
2. Wei Lin Yeo (poster tubed) bought in korea

Everysing Items
1. Flora Yeo (reg postage – taeyeon file, tiffany file and notebook) (bought in korea)

Block B album
1. Aina (concealed cash) bought in korea

FT Island 2010 Live Concert : Beautiful Journey 2DVD + Photobook
1. Shuxian (ordered)

f(x) Pinocchio 1st album
1. Shuxian (ordered)
2. Gervina Lim (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Hyun Joong Mini Album
1. Hammie (poster tubed) (ordered)

Heo Young Saeng Mini Album
1. Hammie (poster tubed) (ordered)

Super Junior Super Show 3 Concert Book
1. Rebecca Lew (bought in korea)
2. Sherlyn Jiang (bought in korea)
3. Clyntoria (bought in korea)

All About Girls Generation DVD
1. Jonathan Ong x2 (bought in korea)

T-ara John Travolta Wanna Be Album
1. Jerome x2 (bought in korea)

Jang Guen Suk Let me Cry Single
1. Cyndi Ng CD only (bought in korea)

Elle March Issue
1. Yiyin (ordered)

DBSK Superstar Japanese Single
1. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered)

Kara Go Go Summer
1. Merlin (ver B) (ordered)

Beast Scheduler Part 2
1. Winnie Chua x2 (ordered)
2. Ko Jun Jun x2 (ordered) postage
3. Hyrah x2 (postage) (ordered)
4. Efiee (ordered)
5. Tammie (ordered)
6. Dione Wong (ordered)
7. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
8. Felicia Goh (ordered)
9. Michelle Ang (ordered)

Super Junior Mr Simple A
1. Adliya x2 (ordered)
2. Shery (ordered)
3. Sabrina (ordered)
4. Yeo Wei-Lin (reg mail) (ordered)
5. Jie Qi (eunhyuk) (ordered)

So Beast 1st Japanese Album
1. Kenia (jacket a) (ordered)
2. Soon Min (jacket b) (ordered) postage
3. Claire (jacket a) (ordered)
4. Mages (jacket a) (ordered)
5. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
6. Ng Xi Ning (jacket a and b) (ordered)
7. Vanessa Yeo (jacket a) (ordered)

Beast Official File Set
1. Kenia (ordered)
2. Liyun x2 (postage) (ordered)
3. Grace Esther x4 (ordered)
4. Joanna Quak (ordered)
5. Ruzanna (ordered)
6. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
7. Nat (opting for postage) (ordered)
8. Felicia Goh (ordered)
9. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
10. Chloe Tay (postage) (ordered) ver2
11. Koh Jing Yu (ordered) ver 1 and 2
12. Vanessa Yeo (ordered) ver 1 and 2

Infinite first album
1. Jonie x11 (ordered)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Shermane (postage with beast f and f limited edition) (ordered)
4. Sarah ling (reg mail) (ordered)
5. Nat (opting for postage) (ordered)
6. Fernanda Heng (ordered)

2ne1 2nd Mini Album
1. Sitian (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Teng Teng (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
4. Sarah ling (reg mail) (ordered)
5. Aida (poster tubed) (ordered)
6. Fernanda Heng (poster tubed) (ordered)
7. Yeo Wei-Lin (ordered)
8. Russell (ordered)
9. Jerome (ordered)
10. Irdina (ordered)

After School Blue / Red
1. Darrell (both) (ordered)

SNSD Into the New World DVD
1. Jonathan Ong x2 (ordered)
2. Agnes Seah (ordered)
3. Cornelius (ordered)

Beast 1st Concert Making Book
1. Phoebe (to refund $4) (ordered)
2. Mages (ordered)
3. Liyun x2 (ordered) postage
4. Alicia (poster tubed) (ordered)
5. Cheryl Fun (ordered)
6. Felicia (ordered)
7. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
8. Claire (ordered)
9. Clesias (ordered)
10. Vanessa Yeo (ordered)
11. Lyana (ordered)

Hyun Bin DVD Box – My Way
1. Elle (114) (ordered)

2pm Don’t Stop Can’t Stop Concert DVD
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

G.NA Mini Album
1. Phoebe (ordered)

Super Junior Mr Simple Version B
1. Rainie Ng (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Jie Qi (ordered)

Five Treasure Island
1. Shahirah ALI (Limited Edition Version A – CD+DVD) (ordered)
2. Peishan (Normal Edition) (ordered)

Teen Top Roman
1. Yeo Wei-Lin (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Shirlene Loo x2 (ordered)
3. Aina (ordered)
4. Kaihoon (ordered) (arrived)
5. Sheryl (ordered) (arrived)

지금 멈추면 스포트라이트 없다
1. Nicole (ordered)

Infinite Albums
1. Nat (opting for postage) (Invasion, Evolution, Inspirit) (ordered)
2. Yiting (poster folded – inspirit) (ordered)
3. Agnes seah (ordered)
4. Amelia (reg post) (ordered) invasion
5. Amelia (ordered) Inspirit
6. Sabrina Teo (opting for postage – Inspirit, First Invasion) (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ In Heaven Album
1. xingying (red) (ordered)
2. Cassandra (red) (ordered)
3. Celeste (redx1; brown x1) (ordered)
4. Edna (all 3) (ordered)
5. Fang Xinyi (brown) (ordered)
6. Edna (ordered)
7. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
8. Shyan (blue) (ordered)

Can You Hear My Heart OST
1. Elle (ordered)

SHINee Juliette Japan version
1. Huimin x6 limited edition A (ordered)
2. Amanda (ver B and normal ver) (ordered)
3. Agnes Seah (normal edition) (ordered)

Brave Girls – Back To Da Future
1. Joshua Cheow (ordered)

Super Junior Repackage A-CHA
1. Shery x3 (ordered)
2. Rebecca x2 (ordered)
3. Sabrina (ordered)
4. Wendy (ordered)
5. Hammie x2 (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE AXKorea Concert
1. Theresa (postage) (ordered)

SHINee Replay (japan ver)
1. Emily (ordered)

Leessang 7th Album
1. Shuyi x2 (ordered)

TVXQ Tone Album Japanese version
1. Rachelle (jacket C) postage (ordered)
2. Fang Xinyi (jacket C) postage (ordered)
3. Layching (jacket C x2) (ordered)
4. Li Ning (red) postage (ordered)

Kara Step Up Limited Edition
1. Xingyi x2 (ordered)
2. Wei Lin (reg poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Yingyi Lim (normal ed – P) (ordered) (arrived)

B1A4 2nd Mini Album
1. Fatin (ordered)
2. Aina (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

Ukiss Neverland
1. Aina x2 (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Wei Lin Yeo (reg mail with other items) (ordered)
3. Fion (ordered)

Kara Step Normal edition
1. Xingyi (ordered)

SNSD Gee Japanese Single (korea ver)
1. Agnes Seah (ordered)

Memory in FTIsland (Re-Make Album)
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Darell x2 (ordered)
3. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

After School Bang Jap ver
1. Yujie (Ver A – postage) (ordered)

JYJ In Heaven Black version
1. Demi (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Jean Tay (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Angelyn Leow (reg mail) (ordered)
4. Mingyan (ordered)
5. Michelle Ng (ordered) reg mail
6. Toylene (ordered)

Infinite 1st Album Repackage
1. Nurlissya (postage w B1A4 album) (ordered)
2. Alan (ordered)
3. Sarah Ling (reg postage) (ordered)
4. Alison Lim (ordered)
5. Deborah Chia (ordered)
6. Jane Tan (ordered)
7. Eileen Lim (ordered)
8. Fernanda Heng (ordered)

SNSD The Boys Album
1. Cornelius x2 (ordered)
2. Charlene Tan (ordered)
3. Jonathan Ong x3 (ordered)
4. Vivian Teo (ordered)
5. Darrell (ordered)
6. Jeremy (ordered)
7. x2 (ordered)
8. Fang Yu (limited edition) (postage) (ordered)
9. Ummi Syafiqah (postage) (ordered)
10. Hui Jun (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Items
1. Marui (BB collection card set, Vol1, Vol2 remember, 3rd mini album Stand Up) (ordered)

Protect the Boss OST and Miss Ripley OST
1. Angelyn Leow (reg mail) (ordered)

Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Mini Album – Lucky
1. Jennifer Tan (ordered)
2. Charlene Tan x2 (ordered)
3. Hammie (ordered)

Kim Kyu Jong Turn Me On Mini Album
1. Charlene Tan (ordered)
2. Hammie So (ordered)

BEG 4th album
1. Jonathan Ong (ordered)
2. Jerome x2 (ordered)

Heo Young Saeng’s “First Solo Story” Special DVD
1. Hammie So (ordered)

Kara Beauty Book
1. Lydia (ordered)

FT Island Best Recommendation for Japan – Our favourite
1. Darrell (ordered)

Kara Winter Magic Single
1. Lydia (A, B and C) (ordered)
2. Vellene (B) (ordered)

GNA Top Girl
1. Russell

Miss A Vol.1 – A class Album
1. Russell

T-ara Japanese Single Bo Peep Bo Peep
1. Jerome (limited edition B) (ordered)
2. Jerlynn (ver B) (ordered)

Ceci Sept Issue
1. Rebecca (Special and Another Choice edition) postage (ordered)

TVXQ Japanese Album Tone (Korea version) Album+DVD
1. Rebecca Lew (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Huihoon (red) (ordered)
3. Mich (red) (ordered)
4. Amelia (Red) (ordered)

CN Blue In My Head Japanese Single
1. Sabrina Teo (CD+DVD postage) (ordered)

SHINee Japanese Lucifer Single
1. Amelia (ver A) (ordered) w/ invasion
2. Fion (ver B) (ordered)

Kara Super Girl
1. Merlin (ver B) (ordered)

Kara Winter Magic
1. Merlin (B) (ordered)

Infinite BTD Japan ver
1. Merlin (ver A) (ordered)
2. Yuting (normal) postage (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Soonmin (ver B) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

TVXQ T Japanese Album
1. Sheryl Chua

DBSK Albums
1. Sheryl Chua (triangle and rising sun) (ordered)

FT Island Japanese Single – Distance
1. Darrell (normal edition) (ordered)
2. Peishan (FTIsland Japanese Single – Distance (Normal Edition)) (ordered)

1. Aijia (ordered)
2. Jane Tan (ordered)
3. Lam Sitian (ordered)
4. Jun Jun (ordered)
5. Fernanda Heng (poster tubed) (ordered)
6. Alyssa Lee x2 (ordered)
7. Jiamin Loh (ordered)
8. Felicia Goh (ordered) (arrived)
9. Koo Xinyi (ordered) (arrived)
10. Jing (ordered) (arrived)

Secret – moving in Secret
1. Darrell (ordered)

JYJ In Heaven Special Edition
1. Huihoon (ordered)
2. Edna (ordered)
3. Jasmin Soh (ordered)
4. Mohammed Yazin (poster tubed) (ordered)

Tablo items
1. Tan Hui Yi (album and book) (poster tubed) (ordered)

TVXQ Taiyo Photobook
1. Edna (ordered)
2. Jovis Ang (ordered)

Super Junior SS3 DVD
1. Yeo Kah Hui (poster folded) (ordered)

SM Town The Warmest Gift
1. Shery (ordered)
2. Jonathan Ong (ordered)

LEDApple Coda Album
1. Rachel Eng (ordered)

IU Last Fantasy
1. Shery (ordered)
2. Alicia Tai (ordered)

2NE1 – 2011 1st Live Concert Nolza! (DVD)
1. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered)
2. Syaza (ordered)

CNBlue First Step
1. Fion (ordered)

Ukiss Japanese Single Tick Tack
1. Yong Qi (6x CD+DVD ver, 1x CD ver) (ordered)
2. Fareesta (1x CD ver) (ordered)

1. Yeo Kah Hui (suju diary) (postage) (ordered)
2. Yeo Kah Hui (suju desk calendar) (postage) (ordered)
3. Nurlissya (Infinite Season Greeting) (postage) (ordered)
4. Fatin (Teen Top Season greeting) (ordered)
5. Winona (Infinite Season Greeting) (ordered)
6. Angeline (2pm Season Greeting) (ordered)
7. Jonathan Ong (3desk 2 wall of SNSD) (ordered)
8. Lydia Tay (Kara Season Greeting) (ordered)
9. Jun Jun (Beast Season Greeting) reg mail (ordered)
10. Clara Lim (2pm Season Greeting x2) (ordered)
11. Sue Ann (Infinite Season Greeting) (ordered)
12. Azwyn Safi’i (Beast Season Greeting x2) (ordered)
13. Kaihoon (Kara and Teen Top Season Greeting) (ordered)
14. Vivian Teo (SNSD Diary) (ordered)
15. J Wong (SNSD Diary) (ordered)
16. Vanessa Yeo (Beast Season Greeting) (ordered)
17. Jane Tan (Beast Season Greeting) (ordered)
18. Jane Wong (SHINee wall calendar) (ordered)
19. Rachel Chua (Beast Season Greeting) (ordered)
20. Aiisyah Azman (2pm Season Greeting) (ordered)
21. Jun Jun (SHINee diary) postage
22. Yugi Lin (SNSD wall calendar and SNSD Diary) (ordered)
23. Sharlen (Beast Season Greetings) postage (ordered)
24. Shermaine (SNSD Wall calendar) postage (ordered)
25. Jovis Ang (TVXQ 2012 Wall Calendar) (ordered)
26. Gladys (Suju wall calendar x2) (ordered)
27. Soshir (2 Desktop SNSD Calendar) (ordered)
28. Huiwenx3 (postage – suju diary) (ordered)
29. Jia Yi (Beast 2012 Season Greeting) (ordered) (purchasing Beast slogan)
30. Hammie (Suju Diary reg postage) (ordered)
31. Hammie (SUJU wall calendar and diary) postage (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
32. Winnie Yip (2pm Season Greeting) (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Winter Rose – Japan version
1. Christina Sim (CD+DVD ver) (ordered)

Girls’ Generation – Japan First Tour DVD
1. Jonathan Ong x2 (limited edition DVD) (ordered)

SNSD The Boys Repackage Japan ver
1. Jonathan Ong (limited edition) (ordered)
2. Jeremy Ng (limited edition) (ordered)
3. Fang Yu (CD+DVD Limited Edition) postage (ordered)

SNSD Mr Taxi Korea ver
1. Jonathan Ong x5 (ordered)
2. Soh Siming x2 (ordered)
3. Alan (ordered)
4. Fang Yu (postage)
5. Jeremy Ng (ordered)
6. Yugi Lin (postage) (ordered)
7. Cornelius (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Koo Xinyi (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Collection card special edition
1. Fatin (ordered)
2. Marui (ordered)

Beast 1st Live Concert DVD
1. Jane Tan (ordered)
2. Vanessa Yeo (ordered)
3. Fernanda Heng (postage) (ordered)
4. Zaty (ordered)
5. Liyun x2 (reg mail) (ordered)
6. Jiamin Loh (ordered)
7. Wan Ting (postage) (ordered)
8. Geraldine Lee (postage) (ordered)
9. Huiwen (postage) (ordered)
10. Alicia (poster tubed) (ordered)
11. Sharlen (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Kaiyuan (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

2NE1 Nolza Concert CD
1. Irdina (ordered)

SM Town Photobook
1. Jonathan Ong (ordered)

MBLAQ 4th Mini Album 100% Ver
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Samantha Lee (reg mail) (ordered)

MBLAQ Mona Lisa Style DVD
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

TVXQ O Album
1. Sheryl Chua (A, C and D) (ordered)

JYJ worldwide Concert DVD
1. Faith Ng (ordered)
2. Michelle See (ordered) (arrived)
3. Charlotte Chew (ordered) (arrived)

DBSK Triangle
1. Yoke Ling (postage) (ordered)

Tablo Fever End
1. Farah Adibah (ordered)
2. Nadiah (ordered)
3. Geraldine (poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE Bluestorm DVD
1. Ernmirch (reg mail) (ordered)
2. Priscilla Chin (ordered)
3. Theresa (ordered)
4. Yuwenn x3 (ordered)
5. Zixian (reg mail) (ordered)
6. Sabrina Teo (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

B.A.P Warrior
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Soonmin (ordered)
3. Yu Ting (ordered)
4. Nazhirah (reg mail) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Nurfieyana Binte Abdul Rahman (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

FT Island Grown Up
1. Clarissa Yong (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Darrell x2 (ordered)
4. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

Girls Generation Holiday Photobook
1. Yen Kiat (ordered) reg mail – sent on 7th March

Beast Official Slogan
1. Vanessa (to refund 1) (collect on concert day)
2. Soonmin (to refund 1)
3. Sherlyn Chua (reg mail)
4. Pearlyn x3 (to pay and collect on concert day)
5. Huizhen (pay upon collection)
6. Michelle Ang (postage)
7. Sherra Jonas (msia)
8. Alicia (postage)

SHINee The First Concert in Japan DVD Normal Edition
1. Peiyee x3 (ordered)

1. Huiwen x2 (ordered)

Big Bang Alive Mini Album
1. Syaza (bigbang cover) (ordered)
2. Samantha Lee (1GD, 1TOP, 2 BB) reg mail (ordered)
3. Ethel (TOP cover) (ordered)
4. Huiwen (group, GD, TOP) (ordered)
5. Catherine (GD and TOP cover) (ordered)
6. Marui (BB) (ordered)
7. Marui (seungri) (ordered)
8. Angela (TOP, seungri, GD – 2 posters) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Gladys (TOP) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
10. Kevin (Group) (ordered) (arrived)
11. Beatrice (TOP) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Nurfieyana Binte Abdul Rahman (group cover) (in stock)

Se7en Mini Album
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

Brian Joo Reborn
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

Jay Park New Breed
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered)

Teen Top It’s
1. Fernanda Heng (ordered)
2. Sheryl (ordered) (arrived)

Super Show 3 DVD
1. Hammie (reg postage) (ordered)
2. Yang Yue (ordered) (arrived)

Block B 2nd Mini Album
1. Fernanda Heng (normal ed) (ordered)

Ukiss A Shared Dream
1. Fareesta (Normal Edition) (ordered)

Nu’est 1st Single – Face
1. Yeap Mun Yee (ordered)
2. Stephanie Lee (ordered) (arrived)
3. Kaihoon (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Jolyn Teo (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Beast Selection of Beast
1. Aijia (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sharlen (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Vanessa (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

B1A4 1st Album: Ignition
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xue Wei (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)
4. Weilin Yeo (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

B1A4 – Ignition Special Edition
1. Melisa (ordered) (arrived)
2. Ain (ordered) (arrived)

MBLAQ 4th Mini Album: BLAQ% Ver
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

넬 (Nell)- Slip Away
1. Tan Huiyi (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

2AM Mini Album: F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

SHINee Mini Album: Sherlock
1. Nurlissya (minho – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Huiwen (onew – poster tubed – refund $1.50) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Sharlen (onew – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Coco x2 (ordered) (arrived)
5. Yu Ting (onew and key) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Stnirptoof (key) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Gervina Lim (arrived)

CN Blue Ear Fun Special Limited Edition
1. Shar C (EMS From Korea – YH and JS) (ordered)
2. Jane Tan (MH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Vanessa Yeo (MH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Fae (JH) poster folded (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Theresa (cover : JS; poster : JH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Priscilla Chin (YH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Darrell (cover : MH; poster : YH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Yu Wen (YH) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

CN Blue Ear Fun
1. Shery Kim (w/o poster) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jolyn Teo x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Theresa (ordered) (arrived)
5. Sabrina Teo (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

BtoB – Born to the Beat
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Shery Kim (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Vanessa (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Kai Hoon (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Sarah Ling (reg mail) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Shermane Eng (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Jane Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Jiamin x2 (ordered) (arrived)

BTOB Official Slogan
1. Jane Tan
2. Winnie Chua

1. Sabrina Chen (M) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Denise (K) poster tubed (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Yeap Yee Mun (K and M) (ordered)
4. Sabrina Chen (K) (ordered)
5. Shery Kim (K and M) (ordered)
6. Nur Atiqah (K) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Gervina Lim (K) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Yoke Ling (K and M) (postage) (ordered) (shipped)
9. Tammie (K and M) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Kelvin Tay (K) (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Gmarket Cover
1. Siti Hajar (TOP – Galaxy S2 ver) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

KARA – Step It Up Special DVD (Korea Ver)
1. Lydia (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

Kara in Paris
1. Lydia (ordered) (arrived)
2. Chermaine (ordered) (arrived)
3. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior U
1. Debra Chang (in stock)

Kara Speed up / Girls Power
1. Lydia (ver A, B, C) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Brendon (ver C) (ordered) (arrived) (Super Girl ver A) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Merlin (ver B) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

2NE1 Collection Album
1. Irdina (CD only) (ordered) reg postage – to refund 7.25 (shipped)

Donghae and Eunhyuk – Oppa Oppa Japanese Single
1. Debra Chang (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped)
2. Pearlyn (normal edition) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Debra Chang (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped)
4. Hammie (CD+DVD ver) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

After School Japanese Album – Playgirlz CD+DVD Edition
1. Qiumin (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

B.A.P Photobook – 1st Recording
1. Nazhirah (reg mail) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Huihoon (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Ukiss A Shared Dream
1. Yong Qi (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped)

Xia Junsu Tarantallegra
1. xingying (bought)
2. Edna (bought)
3. Amelia Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Nuraini x2 (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Carina (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Christina Sim (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. quirkypink (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Rachael Chua (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
9. Geraldine (poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Fang Xingyi (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
11. Winnie Yip (ordered) (arrived)
12. yaya (bought)

Infinite – Infinitze
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Shery Kim
3. Nurlissya (poster tubed – w BAP’s and FTI) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Serena (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Yeo Wei-Lin (opting for speedpost) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Gervina (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Ain (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P Power
1. Shery Kim (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Nurfieyana Binte Abdul Rahman (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

TaeTiSeo – Twinkle
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Soshir x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Jeremy (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Jonathan Ong x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Yugi Lin (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Fang Yu x2 (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Cornelius x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Joshua (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island – Play! Ft Island!! (2DVD+60p Photo Book) (Limited Edition)
1. Clarissa Yong (postage) (ordered)
2. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Peishan (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – Be Mine Japanese Single
1. Fae (ver C) postage (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Fernanda Heng (verA) (ordered) (shipped – postcard) (arrived)
3. Kaihoon (verC) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Jon Lim (ver B, C) to refund $2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Siti Suhaila Sulaimi (ver C) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Taqiyah (B – Pop Art) (arrived)
7. Taqiyah (C – Innocent) (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island Neverland
1. Clarissa (CD+DVD ver) (ordered) (shipped)
2. Darrell (normal ver) (ordered) (shipped)
3. Shirley (normal ver) (ordered) (shipped)

1. Debra Chang (Sungmin ver) (ordered) (shipped)
2. Brenda Lim (Shindong) (postage) (ordered) (shipped)
3. Pearlyn (CD+DVD ver) (ordered)

U-Kiss 6th Mini Album – Doradora
1. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Cornelius (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Nicole Lee (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

F.Cuz – For Century Ultimate Zest
1. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Love Rain OST
1. Yu Wen (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) OST
1. Jon Lim (ordered) (arrived)

YG Family Concert CD+Photobook 2011
1. Wei Ting (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

YG Family Concert DVD (Limited Edition) 2011
1. Alexis (ordered) (arrived)
2. Lam Sitian (ordered) (arrived)
3. Felicia Tan (ordered) (arrived)
4. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Jolene (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island 20[twenty]
1. Darrell (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Heo Young Saeng Mini Album – SOLO
1. Hammie (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Still Alive
1. Catherine (GD, TOP ver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Lam Sitian (BB ver) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Marina Chin (BB ver) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Nurlissya (BB ver) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Clara (GD ver) (ordered) (arrived) postage
6. Gillian (TOP ver) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Marui (seungri) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Wei Lin Yeo (GD – reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Valerie Neo (group – postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Wonbin – Time to..
1. Darrell (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

T-ara Jewelry Box
1. Darrell (Diamond ed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Big Bang Extraordinary 20`s : 1st Photograph Collection
1. Felicia Tan (ordered)
2. Jun Jun (speedpost) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jane (ordered) (arrived)
4. Marui (ordered) (arrived)

Dalmatian – State of Emergency
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Leessang – Unplugged
1. Valerie Neo (ordered) (arrived)
2. JS (ordered) (arrived)

10+ Star June (BB)
1. Jasmin Soh (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Star1 – June (CNBLUE)
1. Shamane x2 (ordered) (arrived)

Girls Generation Japanese Single – Paparazzi
1. Fangyu (2x Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ poster) (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Yugi Lin (Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ poster) (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Jeremy Ng (Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ poster) (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. LeeYana (Normal edition) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

CNBLUE Unplugged DVD (Limited Edition)
1. Shamane (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Super Junior Vol 6
1. Shery Kim x2 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sabrina (ordered) (arrived)
3. Patricia Xin (gold) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jacey Wong (ordered) (arrived)
5. Yeo Wei-Lin (opting for speedpost) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Hammie x2 (ordered) (arrived)
7. Vanessa Yeo x2 (ordered) (arrived)

Jokwon – Im da One
1. Jennifer Tan (Im Da One ver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Noor Fazlinda Binte Hassim (Im Da One and Animal) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Hiu Coco (Im Da One ver) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite Showcase DVD
1. Serena (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yeo Wei-Lin (opting for speedpost) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Sabrina Teo (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Ukiss – The Special to Kissme
1. Eileen Lim (ordered) (arrived)

Ukiss – Only One Without You
1. Eileen Lim (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Midnight Sun
1. xingying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Marui (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jacey Wong x3 (ordered) (arrived)
4. Sab (ordered) (arrived)
5. Chloe (poster tubed – to refund $0.50) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Jacquelyn x2 (ordered) (arrived)
7. Nurlissya (poster folded w/ BAP’s) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Yvonne Chan x2 (ordered) (arrived)
9. Jiamin x3 (ordered) (arrived)
10. Vanessa Yeo (ordered) (arrived)
11. Chloe Gan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
12. Kimshery (ordered) (arrived)
13. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Crown Lightstick ver3 (ALL ARRIVED)
1. Nicole Chew Yun Xiu x2 (ordered)
2. Sharonna Wai x2 (ordered)
3. Huiting (ordered)
4. Alexis (ordered)
5. Sandra Tan x2 (ordered)
6. Emma x5 (speedpost – $10) (ordered)
7. Gwen x4 (ordered)
8. Nurlissya x4 (ordered)
9. Nur Fazliana x2 (short of $2) (ordered)
10. Amirah Rahmat (ordered)
11. Ruiwen x5 (ordered)
12. YShan (ordered)
13. Jiawen x2 (ordered)
14. Callie Lee x3 (ordered)

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 T-Shirt
1. Nurlissya (Black – 1S and 1M) (ordered) (arrived)

PSY 6th Album
1. Marui (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Japanese Single – Android
1. Yunqin (normal edition) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Christina Sim (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Younha Supersonic
1. Jia Li (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

ZE:A Spectacular limited Ed album
1. Siti Suhaila Sulaimi x3 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Wong Weili (normal edition – postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Wooyoung 23, Male, Single
1. Lam Sitian (Gold and Silver edition) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior Vol 6 ver B
1. Jacey Wong (ordered) (arrived)
2. Gervina Lim (ordered) (arrived)
3. Yeo Wei-Lin (opting for speedpost) (ordered) (arrived)

Leessang Unplugged
1. Hiu Coco (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P – No Mercy
1. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nazhirah (ordered) (arrived)

Teen Top Artist
1. Weilin Yeo (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Camay Goh (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Hyung Jun Escape
1. Hammie (CD+Photobook ver) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Midnight Sun Limited Edition
1. Jane Tan x3 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jacey (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Vanessa (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Nuraini Musalla x4 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Lynnette Liauw x3 (to refund $14) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
6. Serene Goh x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Leeviany Lidya Selena (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Infinite – Second Invasion: 1st Concert Live in Seoul DVD
1. Serena (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Yuting (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Nurlissya (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Gervina (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. Ain (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Junsu Uncommitted
1. xingying (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Amelia Tan (poster tubed) (ordered)
3. Edna (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Christina Sim (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Boyfriend Love Style Special Repackage
1. Vanessa Yeo (ordered) (arrived)

Beast meets B2uty DVD
1. Vanesssa Yeo (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Lyana (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

B.A.P Repackage – Crash
1. Priscilla Peck (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Soonmin (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Star 1 Sept Issue – Beast
1. Lyana (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Winnie Chua (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

G-Dragon One of A Kind
1. Catherine (Bronze and Gold) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Marina Chin (Bronze) (poster tubed) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Wei Lin Yeo (Gold and Bronze – poster tubed reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Ain (Gold and Bronze) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior Spy
1. Gervina (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Qiuwen x2 (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)
4. Kimshery (ordered) (arrived)

1. Shamane Phee (CD+DVD) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Code Name Blue Limited Edition
1. Shamane Phee (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

U-Kiss Dear My Friend
1. Yongqi (CD only) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Kara – Pandora
1. Soshir (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Xingyi x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

CNBLUE Come On single
1. Shamane Phee (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

A Gentleman’s Dignity OST 2
1. Shamane Phee (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Skarf – Skarf
1. Sohsir (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

T-ara Day by Day
1. Sohsir (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

FT Island: 4th Album Five Treasure Box
1. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jeslyn CBC x2 (ordered) (shipped) (arrived) (arrived)

MBLAQ Men in MBLAQ 2011 Live Concert DVD
1. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Girls Generation Japanese Single – Oh!
1. Yugi Lin (CD+DVD Limited edition) (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jonathan Ong (CD+DVD Limited Edition) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Sistar – Summer Special Album : Loving U
1. Xingyi x2 (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Catch Me
1. xingying (red) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jovis Ang (red – reg mail) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Charlene (red) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
4. Jia Yun (red – poster folded) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
5. xuelian (red and black) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Christina Sim (red) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
7. Jean (3red) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
8. Rachelle (red) (ordered) (arrived)

ZE:A Phoenix
1. Xuelian (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

BTOB Press Play
1. Leeviany Lidya Selena (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)
3. Sarah Ling (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

SM Town I AM : 2011 SM Town Live World Tour
1. Liyana (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Special Edition Kim Junsu version of the Musical ELISABETH (OST)
1. Amelia (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Beast Japanese Single – Midnight – Hoshi wo Kazoeru Yoru
1. Angeline (ver Ax2, ver Bx1, ver Cx2) (ordered) (shipped)

Kim Jong Kook 7th album
1. Yugi Lin (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

We 100% Album
1. Qi Wen (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P 3rd Single Album
1. Nurlissya (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Aerlyn (Kai Yuan) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jocelyn (ordered) (arrived)
4. Kelvin Tay (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Nazhirah (ordered) (arrived)

Epik High – 99
1. Nurlissya (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Block B – Blockbuster
1. Nurlissya (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Catch Me Special Edition
1. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

CROSS GENE – Timeless Future
1. Fareesya (Special CD+DVD ver) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Super Junior Boys in City Paris
1. Clyntoria (special edition) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Krystal Tan (special edition x2) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Yeo Kah Hui (special edition) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Japanese Items
1. Sheena Chew (Gee Limited Pressing, RDR ver B) reg mail (ordered) (arrived)
2. Klement (Paparazzi, Mr Taxi/Run Devil Run, Gee, Genie Normal ver, Flower Power, Oh! Normal ver) (ordered) (arrived)

CN Blue Robot Japanese Single
1. Theresa (normal edition) (ordered) (arrived)

CN Blue In My Head Japanese Single
1. Theresa (normal edition) (ordered) (arrived)

Girls’ Generation II – Girls & Peace (2nd Jap Album)
1. Sheena (Album + DVD) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Iora (opting for postage) (Album + DVD + Goods Limited Edition) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

TVXQ! – Humanoids
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jovis Ang (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Huihoon (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Yang Yoseob – The First Collage
1. Jiamin (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD – Flower Power
1. Tseyin (postage) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour DVD
1. Iora (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yugi Lin (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Melissa (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jane W (ordered) (arrived)
5. Ziying (ordered) (arrived)

2013 Calendars and Diaries
1. Iora (SNSD diary, desk calendar) (opting for reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yugi Lin (SNSD diary, desk calendar)(opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Claire (TVXQ 2013 Wall Calendar and Diary) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jovis Ang (TVXQ 2013 wall calendar, Exo Global wall calendar, SNSD desk calendar) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Pris (CN Blue Season Greeting) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Joshua Sng (SNSD desk calendar) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Hammie (Super Junior desk+wall) (postage 3.50 paid) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Jane W (SNSD wall+desk+diary) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Ziying (SNSD Diary) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Fang Yu (SNSD Desk calendar, Diary) (ordered)(reg mail – arrived)
11. Jasmine Lim (Infinite Season Greeting) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Dannies (SNSD Desk calendar x2) (ordered) (arrived)
13. Shermaine (SNSD wall calendar) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
14. Jerlynn (SNSD Diary) (ordered) (arrived)
15. Xingyi (2x Sistar) (ordered) (arrived)
16. Sohsir (SNSD desk calendar x2 collected) (ordered) (arrived)
17. Jean (DBSK Desk Calendar) (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Sunggyu – Another Me
1. Nurlissya (postage 2.60 paid) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jolyn (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Shan Ying (ordered) (arrived)
5. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P – Hello 2013 Calendar and Scheduler
1. Lyana (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tube – postage 2.60 paid) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Yingguan x3 (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa – 2012 Grand Tour In Seoul : The Return
1. Catherine x2 (ordered) (arrived)

B1A4 In the Wind
1. Nurlissya (poster tube – postage 2.60 paid) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Ain – P (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)

Boyfriend – Janus
1. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

Boyfriend – Don’t touch my girl
1. Jane T (ordered) (arrived)

Girls Generation – I Got A Boy
1. Jane Tan x2 (1st choice : taeyeon, seohyun) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Leon x2 (poster tubed – Yuri and Sunny) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jeremy Ng x3 (poster tubed – Yuri, Taeyeon, Group) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Shermaine (1st choice : group – P) (ordered) poster tubed (arrived)
5. Ziying (Group – P) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Shermaine Aw (Group) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Ain (Group) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Alan (Group – P) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Fernanda (Group – P) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Sohsir (Jessica – P) (ordered) (arrived)
11. Bryan Quek (group – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Kelvin Tay (Yuri – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
13. Iora (Tiffany – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
14. Klement (Seohyun – reg poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
15. Daphnne (Taeyeon) (ordered) (arrived)
16. Daphnne (Seohyun) (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Jaejoong – I
1. xingying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Huishan (ordered) (arrived)
3. Qiu Wen (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Edna (ordered) (arrived)
5. Winnie Yip (poster sent – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
7. JS x2 (ordered) (arrived)
8. Sabrina Teo (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – 2012 Infinite Concert Second Invasion: Evolution
1. Nurlissya (poster tube – postage 2.60 paid) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite H Fly High
1. Nurul Aisyah bte Saifudin (postage – no poster) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Ain (ordered) (arrived)
4. Celestia Lim x2 (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)
6. Sabrina Teo (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Orange Caramel Lipstick
1. Ain – P (ordered) (arrived)
2. Denise (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)f

Sistar Alone Special Edition
1. Ain (ordered) (arrived)

2NE1’s New Evolution 2012 DVD
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed – P) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Ain (ordered – P) (arrived)
3. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 album
1. Nurlissya (ordered – poster tubed) (arrived)
2. Shan Ying (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ 2013 Calendar
1. Mingyan (ordered) (arrived)
2. Wenn Ching (ordered) (arrived)
3. Faith (ordered) (arrived)

Sungha Jung The Duets
1. Mindy Chang (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang’s Love & Hope Tour 2011 Blu ray disc
1. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

the FNC
1. Pris (CNBLUE) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jonette (CNBLUE) (ordered) (arrived)

Cubee items
1. Jane Tan (doojoon cushion) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (4minute lightstick) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jane Tan (BTOB Slogan v2) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Teo Kai Yuan (BTOB and Beast lightstick) (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Bigbang 2012 Alive Tour DVD in Seoul
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Fel T (ordered) (arrived)
3. Yeo Kah Hui (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Alexis (ordered) (arrived)
5. Keller Tan (ordered) (arrived)
6. Marina (poster folded – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
7st. Valerie Neo (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Phantom 2nd Mini Album
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

CN Blue Re:Blue Limited Edition
1. Pris (Yonghwa) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (Jonghyun – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Xiaoying (Yonghwa)(reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Winnie Yip (Yonghwa) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Theresa (Jungshin) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Wei Ying (Yonghwa) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Sabrina Teo (Jungshin, Yonghwa) (poster tube postage paid) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Syndi (yonghwa) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Jolyn Teo (3Yonghwa – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Jonette (Yonghwa) (ordered) (arrived)

Lee Junki CBC
1. Syndi (ordered) (arrived)

CN Blue Re:Blue Normal Edition
1. Sabrina Teo (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Koo Xinyi (ordered) (arrived)

2pm Hands Up Asia Tour DVD
1. Winnie Yip (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Clara Lim (ordered) (arrived)

Kara solo collection
1. Xingyi (normal edition) (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Catch Me – If You Wanna
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)

IU Real Fantasy 2012 DVD
1. Jiamin (ordered) (arrived)
2. Ivy (ordered) (arrived)
3. Klement (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Selca Book
1. Jane T (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jiamin (ordered) (arrived)
3. Siqi Goh (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island – Take FT Island DVD
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

SHINee – Dream Girl : The Misconception of You
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xiaojun (ordered) (arrived)

2AM – Spring
1. Jennifer Tan (ordered) (arrived)
2. Rachelle (ordered) (arrived)
3. Hiu Coco (ordered) (arrived)

Teen Top No.1
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Sistar Gone not any loner
1. Bryan Quek (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior M Breakdown
1. Rachelle (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P One Shot
1. Shery (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Kelvin Tay X2 (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Nazhirah (ordered) (arrived)
5. Soonmin (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

FNCstore Items
1. Jolyn Teo (Lightstick – CNBLUE x3) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sabrina Teo (Blish 2 x2 – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Cheryl (lightstick – CNBLUE x2, Blish 2 x3) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Joyce Sim (Lightstick – CNBLUE, Blish 2) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Wei Ying (Lightstick – CNBLUE x3) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Yeo Jie Qi (Blish 2 x2) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Esther Tan (Blish2 x1) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Theresa (Jungshin Bluemoon Photoset) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Jh (Blue Moon Poster Set) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Nu’est Hello Hello
1. Yanli (postage with Jolyn) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – New Challenge
1. Nurlissya (Type B – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (Type B – ordered) (arrived)
3. Eileen Lim (Type B – ordered) (arrived)
4. Fernanda (Type C – ordered) (arrived)
5. Faizel x2 (ordered) (arrived)
6. Rachel Chua (Type B) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Sibelle Teo (A, B and C) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Shery (B) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Weilin Yeo (reg mail – B) (ordered) (arrived)

Girls Day – Expectation
1. Huishan (ordered) (arrived)

Lee Hi – First Love
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Jae Joong Repackage – Y
1. Jonette (ordered) (arrived)
2. Faith Ng (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ The Magazine
1. Faith Ng 41$ (ordered) (arrived)

Ukiss 3rd album – Collage
1. Eileen Lim (ordered) (arrived)

ZE:A Five – Voulez Vous
1. Wendy Chou (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – Beautiful Show in Seoul
1. Rachel (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Yoo Seung Ho Travel Letter
1. Syiqin x3 (ordered) (arrived)

2pm Grown ver A
1. Sarah Ling (Chansung) (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Felicia Goh (Wooyoung) (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Weilin Yeo (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – 3rd Single 다칠 준비가 돼 있어
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island 2012 Concert Tour Photobook
1. Darrell (ordered) (arrived)
2. Weiqi (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite L’s Bravo Viewtiful
1. Felicia Tan (ordered)
2. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Sibelle Teo (ordered) (arrived)
4. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)

2pm Grown ver A
1. Nurlissya (wooyoung) (postage w other items) (ordered) (arrived)

Teen Top – No. 1 (Repackage Special Edition)
1. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

SHINee 3rd Album Chapter 2 – Why So Serious?: Misconceptions of Me
1. Nurlissya (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

B1A4 What’s Going On
1. Nurlissya (postage w other items) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Shery (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sab (Hug ver) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Tammie (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jovis Ang (Hug and Kiss ver) (reg poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Serena (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Xiaoying (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Fernanda (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Faizel (Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Sibelle (Hug and Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Felicia (2Hug and 2Kiss) (ordered)
11. Wei-Lin (reg – poster tubed – Hug and Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Jori (2Hug and 1Kiss – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
13. Denise (Hug and Kiss – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
14. Nuraini (reg – poster tubed – Kiss ver) (ordered) (arrived)
15 Gillian (Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
16. Jane Tan (Hug and Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
17. Rachelle (Hug and Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
18. Serena (Set) (ordered – 1poster) (arrived)
19. Lew Jun Wei (kiss) (ordered) (arrived)

2012 CNBLUE Concert Blue Night DVD
1. Theresa (ordered) (arrived)
2. Pris (ordered) (arrived)

Juniel – Fall In L
1. Theresa (ordered) (arrived)

SHINee Surprise Vacation Travel Note 01
1. Xiaoying (ordered) (arrived)

the FNC Vol 2
1. Theresa (CNBLUE) (ordered) (arrived)

2pm Grown ver B
1. Mira Jamil (Chansung) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (Nichkhun) (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

MBLAQ 5th Mini Album – Sexy Beat
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa 11th – The Classic (Thanks Ed)
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Theresa (CD Only) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Esther (CD Only) x2 (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Ocean
1. Christina Sim (CD only) (ordered) (arrived)

XIA Incredible
1. xingying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Leah Ng (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa The Classic
1. Henryodsen (ordered) (arrived) (postage)

Gu Family Book OST (Normal Edition)
1. Yeo Kah Hui (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Henry – Trap
1. Nuraini (reg – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Estela (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Koo Xinyi (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior M – Breakdown Taiwan ver
1. Estela (postage) (arrived)

U-KISS 2nd Japanese album
1. Fareesya (CD only – Jacket C) (ordered) (arrived)

Led Apple Kiss Tour (Japanese album) Album+DVD ver
1. Fareesya (ordered) (arrived)
2. Stephanie (ordered) (arrived)

Led Apple – Bad Boys
1. Fareesya (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P Recording Part3
1. Jovis Ang (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX repackage Jekyll
1. Sarah Ling (Leo – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P Badman
1. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shery (ordered) (arrived)
4. Lyana (ordered) (arrived)
5. Wei Ying (ordered) (arrived)
6. Farizah (ordered) (arrived)

EXO XOXO Repackage – Growl
1. Fernanda (Set) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jovis Ang (2sets – reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shery (Set – 1poster) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jori (2kiss – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Tammie (kiss – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Felicia Tan (2sets) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Sibelle Teo (1set) (ordered) (arrived)
8. Desiree (2Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Aida U (Kiss) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Desiree (2Hug) (ordered) (arrived)
11. Tammie (Hug) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
12. Koo Xinyi (Kiss and Hug) (ordered) (arrived)
13. Tammie (Hug (Kai) – instock)

Beast – Hard to Love, How to Love
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Rachel Chua (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jiamin (ordered) (arrived)
5. Tan Xue Ling (ordered) (arrived)
6. Jane Tan x2(ordered) (arrived)
7. Siqi (ordered) (arrived)
8. Syazwani (folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)
10. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)

f(x) – Pink Tape
1. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)
2. Desiree Lim x2 (ordered) (arrived)

Trouble Maker 2nd Mini Album
1. Syazwani (folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Koo Xinyi (ordered) (arrived)
3. Siqi Goh (ordered) (arrived)
4. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)

2014 Calendars
1. Lyana (BAP Season Greetings) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yeo Kah Hui (Super Junior – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Priscilla (CNBLUE desk calendar) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Marina Chin (Bigbang Season Greetings) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Alicia (Bigbang Season Greetings) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Siqi Goh (Beast) (ordered)
7. Clara Lim (2pm) (ordered)
8. Hanting (Super Junior) (ordered)

Henry – Trap
1. Nurlissya (postage with other items) (ordered) (arrived)

High Cut
1. Rachelle (Yunho – to collect $0.50) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite 2nd Single Album – Destiny
1. Fernanda (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Rachel Chua x2 (ordered) (arrived)
4. Siqi (type B poster) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Shermane Eng (verA) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang – 2013 Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour DVD [The Final In Seoul]
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Alexis (ordered) (arrived)
3. Keller Tan (ordered) (arrived)

2012-2013 BigBang Alive Galaxy World Tour DVD
1. Marina Chin (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Keller Tan (ordered) (arrived)

Star1 July
1. Michelle Ng x2 (ordered) (arrived)

BTS 2 cool 4 skool
1. Regine (ordered) (arrived)
2. Tammie (ordered) (arrived)

G-Dragon – One of a Kind in Seoul Concert DVD
1. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Marina Chin (reg – folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Germaine (reg – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

G-Dragon – COUP D’ETAT
1. Nurlissya (Red – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Marina Chin (Black – reg – folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Germaine (Red – reg – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Candice (Black) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Eileen Lim (Red – folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Karen Lai – red (ordered – poster tubed) (arrived)
7. Wei Jie (poster tubed – black) (ordered) (arrived)

BTOB – Thriller
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

MBLAQ – Love Beat
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Seungri – Let’s Talk About Love
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed – orange/silver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Candice (orange/silver) (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island – Rated
1. Darrell (CD+DVD Jacket A) (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ – Scream
1. Christina Sim (normal ed) (ordered) (arrived)

Apink Official Goods
1. Kee Yon (2L tee, 2 slogan) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Gabriel Eng (LED Bracelet, Button Set) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Frezzey Tan (Button setx2, Sloganx2) (ordered)

Apink Secret Garden
1. Kee Yon (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xingyi x2 (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE – Blue Travel : 1st Photograph
1. Priscilla Chin (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior – World Tour Concert [Super Show4]
1. Jannel x2 (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD 1st Japanese Album
1. Klement (Normal ed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD 2nd Japanese Album
1. Klement (Normal ed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Supernova Single
1. Klement (Normal ed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

M4M – Mystery Formula
1. Tan Xue Ling (ordered) (arrived)

Photobook and OST
1. Tan Xue Ling (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island Lee Hongki – Nail Book (Normal ed)
1. Wei Qi (ordered – Limited ed) Top up $7

BTOB Thriller album
1. Regine (ordered) (arrived)

BTS O! RUL8,2? Album
1. Regine (ordered) (arrived)
2. Tammie (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite L Kim Myung Soo – Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 (Korea Ver)
1. Nurlissya (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Rachel Chua (ordered) (arrived)
3. Bryan Quek (ordered) (arrived)
4. Dustin (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island 6th Mini Album – Thanks To
1. Nurlissya (postage with other items) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior – World Tour Concert [Super Show4]
1. Yeo Kah Hui (postage w/o poster) (ordered) (arrived)

Master’s Sun OST
1. Yeo Kah Hui x2 (postage – separately) (ordered) (arrived)

Jung Jun Young 1st Mini Album
1. SY (ordered) (arrived)

EXO – Miracles in December
1. Michelle (Korean ver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Tammie (Both) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Nurul Aisyah bte Saifudin (Korean – postage) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Shery (Korean ver) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Sibelle Teo (Both – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Pei Xuan (Korean ver) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Tammie (Chinese ver) (ordered) (arrived)

T.O.P – Doom Dada
1. Michelle (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Jaejoong – WWW
1. xingying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Qiu Wen (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Hervince (ordered) (arrived)
4. Huishan (ordered) (arrived)
5. Leah Ng (ordered) (arrived)
6. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)

FT Island The Mood
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Seungri 2nd Mini Album Making Book
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Voodoo
1. Sarah (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

The Boss 대국남아 : 2nd Mini Album – Chapter II
1. Sakinah (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE Best Japan Album – Present
1. Jolyn Teo x2 (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

T.O.P – Doom Dada
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

2AM 3rd Mini Album – Nocturne
1. Jennifer Tan (ordered) (arrived)

Shin Hyesung – 2012-2013 Shin Hyesung Concert – The Year’s Journey
1. Priscillia (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ – Tense
1. xingying (red) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Christina Sim (red) (ordered) (arrived)
3. MC (black – reg w poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jean (black) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Jovis Ang (red) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Leah Ng (black) (ordered) (arrived)

Kara 4th Album – Full Bloom
1. Xingyi x2 (ordered) (arrived)

Kara – 2012 The 1st Concert KARASIA in Seoul Live
1. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

Kara Pandora Special Limited Edition
1. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

G-Dragon Collection 2 – COUP D’ETAT
1. Nurlissya (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Yong Junhyung – Flower
1. Shirley Tan (reg mail – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xue Ling (ordered) (arrived)

Kim Junsu – Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu
1. Geraldine Lee (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang Official Goods
1. Nurlissya (Needlework Pencil Case – Mint) (opting for postage) (ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific Tour
1. Wei Ying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Lyana (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jovis Ang (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa – The Legend Continues 15th Anniversary Concert
1. Krystal Tan (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Japanese Single – Very Merry Xmas
1. Christina Sim (normal ed) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – 2013 Beautiful Show DVD
1. Geraldine Lee (poster tubed) (ordered)
2. Siqi Goh (ordered) (arrived)

Kang Gary 1st Mini Album
1. Jarell (ordered)
2. Coco (ordered)
3. Ashlene (ordered) (arrived)

2AM Nocturne album
1. Coco (ordered)

B1A4 2nd Album – Who Am I
1. Nurlissya (All members – opting for postage) (ordered)
2. Siti Zuhailah (All members – reg mail) (ordered)

ZE:A – Illusion
1. Shermane Eng (ordered) (arrived)

Jaejoong WWW Repackage
1. Leah Ng (ordered) (arrived)
2. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
3. Hervince (ordered) (arrived)

Led Apple Japanese Single – Greatest World
1. Stephanie Lee (Ver. A) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Fareesya (ver B) (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE – Can’t Stop
1. Yanli x3 (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Joyce Sim x3 (taqbin for albums) (ordered) (arrived)
3. MC (folded poster – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Joyce Sim (taqbin) (ordered) (arrived)

M Lee Minwoo – M+TEN
1. Catherine (ordered) (arrived)

G-Dragon – One of a Kind The Final in Seoul + World Tour DVD
1. Alexis (ordered) (arrived)

GOT7 – Got It
1. Siti Sakinah Bte Md Ramadzan (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Muhammad Syawal (ordered) (arrived)

Royal Pirates – Drawing the Line
1. Fareesya (ordered) (arrived)

BAP – First Sensibility
1. Jovis Ang (poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Aida U. (ordered) (arrived)

You who came from the Stars OST
1. Yeo Kah Hui (normal postage) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yeo Kah Hui (normal postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Winnie Yip (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

You who came from the Star Director’s Cut DVD
1. Jennifer Lok (ordered) (arrived)

Zhang Li Yin – Timeless
1. Angelyn (ordered) (arrived) (postage)

TVXQ – Spellbound
1. Leah Ng x2 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Christina Sim (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jovis Ang (poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Qaelia (ordered) (arrived)
5. Joreen x2 (ordered) (arrived)
6. Lina Sarif (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Star 1 – March 2014
1. Christina Sim (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD – Mr Mr
1. John Lee (ordered) (arrived)
2. Pearlyn (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)
4. Hanting x2 (ordered) (arrived)
5. Nur Fatin Zafirah (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
6. York Ying (folded poster) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Vivian (ordered)(arrived)
8. Flora Yeo (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

BTOB Beep Beep
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sarah (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

2NE1 – Crush
1. Pei Xuan (2pink – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Zinc Yap (pink) (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ The Magazine
1. Hervince (Jaejooong) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Chingyi (Yoochun) (ordered) (arrived)

EXO First Box
1. Mizuhara Misha x2 (opting for express mail with previous item) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Michelle Ng x2 (ordered)(arrived)

Super Junior M – Swing
1. Pearlyn x2 (normal postage – folded posters) (arrived)

Win’s Epilogue Edition DVD – The 100 Days Journey
1. SY Ng (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ – Tree (Korea ver)
1. Wong Min Yi (ver A and ver B) (normal postage) (ordered)(arrived)

BTS – Skool Luv Affair
1. Tammie (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE – Can’t Stop Special Edition
1. Priscilla Chin (ordered)(arrived)

EXO – Overdose
1. Nurul Aisyah bte Saifudin (K – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Michelle Ng (both) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shery (both) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jovis Ang (both – poster tubed (reg)) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Jane Tan (both)(ordered) (arrived)

B.A.P Recording Take 4
1. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ Catch Me Photobook
1. Jennifer Lok (ordered) (arrived)
2. Min Yi (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jovis Ang (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

DBSK Single A-side Collection
1. Yen Ting (to refund $1) (ordered) (arrived)

1. Jennifer (ordered) (arrived)

1. Jennifer (ordered) (arrived)

Wheesung – The Best Man
1. Xuelian (ordered) (arrived)

1. Lina Sarif (postage – normal edition) (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa 12th Grand Tour in Seoul
1. Brenda (taqbin) (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert DVD
1. Brenda (taqbin) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – Good Luck
1. Marina (Black – poster folded – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Siqi Goh (Both – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Shirley (Black – poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Zaty (Both) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Sarah Ling (White – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
6. Jane Tan (Black) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Sandra Ang (white) (ordered) (arrived)
8 . Flora Yeo (black – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
9. Xue Ling (Both) (ordered) (arrived)
10. Sofia Bte Samri (white) (ordered) (arrived)
11. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Eternity
1. Sofia (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ – 4th World Tour Catch Me Live Album
1. Christina Sim (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Taeyang Rise
1. Marina Chin (poster folded – reg) (ordered) (arrived)

GOT7 2nd Mini Album
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Roh Jihoon – The Next Big Thing
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (arrived)

Shinhwa albums
1. Brenda (vol1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11) (ordered) (arrived) (taqbin)

Big Bang – +a Concert in Seoul Live
1. HajarA (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ O Album
1. Yen Ting (ver D) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – Good Luck
1. Jia Min (white) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Syazwani (white – poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ TI AMO Photobook
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
2. Taury (ordered) (arrived)
3. Taury (ordered) (arrived)

TVXQ – Tree
1. Amelia Tan (ver B) (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD The Best
1. Klement (limited ed x2) (ordered) (arrived) (sent)
2. XYH (normal edition) (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – Be Back
1. Jori (ordered) (arrived)

Star 1 (aug 2014)
1. Hervince (ordered) (arrived)

Marie Claire (aug 2014)
1. Hervince (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ Just Us
1. Hervince (ordered) (arrived)
2. Chingyi (ordered) (arrived)
3. Joreen x6 (ordered) (arrived)
4. Taury x34 (with receipts) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Amelia Tan (ordered) (arrived)
6. Taury x4 (ordered) (arrived)
7. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
8. Qiuwen x2 (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

15& – Sugar
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Akdong Musician – Play
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

AOA – Angel’s Story
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

AOA – Short Hair
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Jeon Hyo Sung (Secret) – Top Secret
1. XYH (CD only) (ordered) (arrived)

Lucia – Light&Shade Chapter1
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

T-ara Jiyeon – 1분1초
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Vanilla Acoustic – Part 1. Eudaimonia
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Sistar19 – 있다 없으니까 Special Photo Edition
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Ra.d -작은 이야기
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Fly to the Sky – Continuum
1. Priscillia (ordered) (arrived)

APink – Pink Blossom
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)
2. Xingyi x2 (ordered) (arrived)

The Barberettes Vol1 – 바버렛츠 소곡집
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Gavy Nj – Gavish
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior – All About Super Junior : Treasure Within Us DVD Preview
1. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)

Troublemaker – Now
1. Xue Ling (ordered) (arrived)

Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas
1. Jasmine Soh (taqbin) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Ziying (ordered) (arrived)
3. Koh Denzel (ordered – postage) (arrived)

Got7 – Gotcha 1st Photobook in Malaysia
1. Sarah Ling (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

JJ Project – Bounce
1. Sarah Ling (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

TTS – Holler
1. Klement x2 (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Hanting (ordered) (arrived)
3. Cheryl (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Block B – HER CD+DVD
1. Nabilah x2 (ordered) (arrived)

BTS 1st Album – Dark & Wild
1. Sofia Bte Samri x2 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Lara x2 (ordered) (arrived)
3. Nurul Aisyah (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Ailee – Magazine
1. Huiqin (ordered) (arrived)
2. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Ailee – A’s Doll House
1. Huiqin (ordered) (arrived)

Ailee – Invitation
1. Huiqin (ordered) (arrived)

High4 – Hi High
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurfarain (ordered) (arrived)

TTS – Holler
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)
2. Yi Xiu (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

BTOB – Move
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)

Taemin – Ace
1. Eileen Lim (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Gilme – 2Face
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

F.Cuz -Bargaining For Love
1. Shirley (ordered) (arrived)

Red Chair – Vol 1
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Gavy NJ – Vol 6 Part 2 SHE
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

Z.Hera – Z.Hera Born
1. XYH (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Error
1. Sofia x2 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Boyfriend – Witch
1. Insy (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – Time
1. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)
2. Siqi Goh (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jia Min (ordered) (arrived)
4. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Shirley Tan (poster tubed – reg) (ordered) (arrived)
6. May (ordered) (arrived)
7. Sandra Ang (ordered) (arrived)
8. Joreen (ordered) (arrived)

Epik High – Shoe Box
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered)

JYJ – 3hree Voices III (Secret Sessions)
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE – Re-Maintenance
1. Yen Ting (to collect $1) (ordered) (arrived)

2AM – Let’s Talk
1. Jennifer Tan (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa 15 Anniversary The Legend Continues Concert
1. Mary Evangeline (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa The Classic Making Story Book
1. Mary Evangeline (ordered) (arrived)

All About Shinhwa
1. Mary Evangeline (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Individual Members bottle
1. Qianrong (Gikwang) (ordered) (arrived)

2015 Season Greetings
1. Priscilla (CNBLUE) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Nurul Aisyah (BTS) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Yugi Lin (IU) (postage) (ordered) (arrived)
4. May (JYJ) (ordered)
5. Faith (JYJ) (ordered)
6. Xingyi (Apink) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Xiaoying (TVXQ & SHINee) (ordered) (arrived) opting for reg mail

Infinite F – 青
1. Pei Ying (poster tubed – poster A) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast – Beautiful Show DVD 2014
1. Siqi Goh (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

GD X Taeyang – Good Boy
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Angeline (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior – Super Show 5: World Tour in Seoul DVD
1. Cheryl (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior: This is Love (Special Edition)
1. Cheryl (postage) (ryeowoook) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior: Mamacita ver A
1. Cheryl (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

MBLAQ 7th Mini Album
1. Nurlissya (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

GOT7 – Identify
1. Sarah Ling (original ver – poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Mate – End of the World
1. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)

Kara 6th album – Day N Night
1. Xingyi (ordered) (arrived)

Apink – Pink Luv
1. Xingyi (2xPoster A, 2xPoster B) (ordered) (arrived)

Apink – NoNoNo
1. Xingyi (CD+DVD+Goods verA, Bomi, Chorong x2) (ordered) (arrived)

EXO-M KFC Figurines
1. Lam Wei Ling (whole set) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Tara (Chen and Lay) (ordered)

EXO – EXOLOGY Photobook
1. Angeline (ordered) (arrived)

Jung Yonghwa – Mileage
1. Angeline (ver A) (ordered) (arrived)

SM The Celebrity
1. Angeline (Type A x2) (ordered) (arrived)

BTS Wake Up
1. Nurul Aisyah (Normal – postage) (ordered)

Song Triplets Calendar 2015
1. Angeline (ordered)

Amber – Beautiful
1. Angeline x55 (EMS)
2. Angeline x5 (ordered) (arrived)

Star1 (Jan 2015)
1. Pei Ying (ordered) (arrived)

2015 Season Greetings
1. Pei Ying (Infinite) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Christina Sim (TVXQ) (ordered) (arrived)

XIA – Flower
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)
2. Angeline (ordered) (arrived)
3. xingying (ordered) (arrived)
4. Angelyn (poster tubed) (arrived)
5. Tiffany x2 (ordered) (arrived)
6. Wong Min Yi (collection method tbc) (ordered) (arrived)
7. Jane (ordered) (arrived)
8. Edna (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Boy’s Record
1. Feng En x7 (ordered) (arrived)
2. Sofia x2 (ordered) (arrived)
3. Sarah Ling (poster tubed) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Joreen x2 (ordered) (arrived)
5. Angeline (ordered) (arrived)

Elle magazine (mar)
1. Angeline x3 (ordered) (arrived)

The Celebrity (mar)
1. Angeline x2 (ordered) (arrived)

iKON – Mix and Match DVD
1. Desiree (ordered) (arrived) postage

Taeyang – 2014 Rise Collection
1. Nurlissya (ordered) (arrived) postage
2. Marina Chin (reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

Jung Yonghwa Vol1 Limited edition
1. Xiaoying (opting for reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

Winner – Welcoming Collection DVD
1. Clesias (ordered) (arrived)

Shinhwa – WE (limited edition)
1. Brenda (poster folded) (ordered) (arrived)

Shin Hye Sung – Once Again (Special Kit 2015)
1. Elaine x2 (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – One Great Step DVD
1. Pei Ying (ordered) (arrived)

Girls Generation – World Tour Girls Peace in Seoul DVD
1. Alex (ordered) (arrived)

1. Angeline x30 (ordered)
2. Eileen (preferred cover : Xiumin) (arrived – Xiumin poster)
3. Jane Tan (K – Baekhyun, M – Tao) (ordered) (arrived)
4. Jiamin (K – chanyeol, K – D.O) (ordered) (arrived)
5. Serena (M – Chen) (ordered) (arrived)

K Will – Re :
1. Chua Pei Ying (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Bigbang – M
1. Marina Chin (M – reg folded) (ordered) (arrived)

4minute – Crazy
1. Jing (ordered) (arrived)

HyunA – A Talk
1. Jing (ordered) (arrived)

Hyunseung – My
1. Jing (ordered) (arrived)

Miss A – Colours
1. Roger (postage) (ordered) (arrived)

Sunggyu – 27
1. Serena (ordered) (arrived)

Hyunseung – My
1. Sab (ordered) (arrived)

TXVQ T1ST0RY Live in Seoul DVD
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)

The Girl who Sees Smells OST
1. Christina Sim (ordered) (arrived)

1. Alex Mui (Marie Clarie June 2015×2) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Alex Mui (Beauty+ June 2015) (ordered) (arrived)

EXO – Love Me Right
1. Serena (Korean ver) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Jacey (Korean ver x2) (ordered) (arrived)
3. Leah (chinese ver) (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Superhero
1. Iyan Raihana (ordered) (arrived)

VIXX – Hyde
1. Iyan Raihana (ordered) (arrived)

BTS – In the Mood for Love
1. Tammie (both ver – reg mail) (ordered) (arrived)

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