Posters Sale

Posters are in stock.
All at $10.00 each unless otherwise stated.
Free normal postage (with poster tube) when you purchase 3 or more.

2PM :

Still 2pm
One in Stock

Beast B2ST :

4th Mini Album – Lights Go On Again
One in stock

3rd Mini Album – Mastermind
Two in stock

Big Bang :

TOP and Taeyang : Friend, Our Legend OST Poster
One in stock

Dream High :

One in stock

Girls Generation :

Two in stock

FT Island :

Return Mini Album
One in stock

Super Junior :

Boys in City Photobook Poster
One in stock


The Beginning Poster
Eight in stock

Trick Single Poster
One in stock

Five in the Black Album Poster
One in stock

O concert Album Poster
One in stock

Summer Dream Poster
One in stock

Mirotic Concert DVD Poster
One in stock

  1. December 27, 2010 at 12:03 am

    How many Snsd posters u have?? Erm meet up in sg de ah??? I’m
    New to this blog so I’m not sure how use the blog .. Is it like Facebook??

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