This page will be updated often.
Do check back. ^^

Please refer here for items not collected for more than 2 months.

Items that arrived and ready for collection.

Korea Release
SHINee 4th Album – Odd
1. Cheryl (Ver. A x2, Ver. B x2) (ordered) (arrived)

SHINee World III in Seoul DVD
1. Cheryl (ordered) (arrived)

Infinite – One Great Step Returns DVD
1. Cheryl (ordered) (arrived)

Apink – Pink Memory
1. Xingyi (red and white) (ordered)(arrived)

Beast – Ordinary
1. Jing (Both ver) (ordered)(arrived)
2. Syaza (both) (ordered)

TVXQ – T1ST0RY Live in Seoul
1. Jennifer (ordered)
2. Baoyunnie (ordered)

SHINee – Married to the Music
1. Cheryl x2 (ordered)

Super Junior – Devil
1. Cheryl (ordered)

2PM – Go Crazy in Seoul DVD
1. Cheryl – to refund

SNSD – Lion Heart
1. Teo Zi Ying (ordered)

CNBLUE – 2gether
1. Yen Ting (A – ordered)
2. Felicia (3B poster tubed) (ordered)

XIA – 꼭 어제
1. Xingying (ordered) (arrived)
2. Christina (ordered) (arrived)
3. Jane Tan (ordered) (arrived)
4. Angeline (ordered) (arrived)

Taeyeon – I
1. Xiaoying (ordered) (arrived)

IU – Chat-Shire
1. Hui Yi (ordered) (arrived)

1. Angeline (special ed) (ordered)

TVXQ 2016 Seasons Greeting
1. Xiaoying (arrived)

EXO Sing For You
1. Xiaoying (korea ver) (arrived)
Japan Release

A-Jax One 4 U
1. Lydia (ver B) (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Items that have not arrived or order has not been placed:

Korea Orders

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