Uncollected Items

Items here belonged to those who did not collect their items for more than 2 months.
Please contact us asap for collection.

Nov 2007 Smag
1. Joyce Foo

Trick Singles Japan version (FP : First Press ; NP : Normal Press)
1. Gracia (Changmin FP)
2. Gracia (Yoochun NP)
3. Gracia (Junsu NP)
4. Gracia (Yunho FP)
5. Gracia (Jae NP)

Lee Junki J Style
1. Nathalie (ordered) (arrived)

1. Joyce Foo – Design 12 (Black, dark purple, light brown, pale pink, dark brown) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Joyce Foo – Design 11 (Black, grey, light brown, white, dark grey, dark brown, pink) (ordered) (arrived)

미남이시네요 Novel Vol1
1. Serene (Novel Comic) (ordered) (arrived)

미남이시네요 Pig Rabbit Doll‏
1. Candice (ordered) (arrived)

Beast 2011 Daily Pad Diary
1. Siew Xin (ordered) (arrived)

2AM Mini album
1. Koh Jia Min (ordered) (arrived)
2. Kaiwen (ordered) (arrived)

1. Yeqi (2pm X2) (ordered) (arrived)

Super Show 2CD
1. Jieling (ordered) (arrived)

2pm 10×10 items
1. Yilin (junho mug) (ordered) (arrived)

DBSK Lightstick
1. Anugerah Erlaut x2 (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Hoot Mini Album
1. Shuo Xian (ordered) (arrived)
2. Douglas Tan (ordered) (arrived)

1. Douglas Tan (ordered) (arrived)

SNSD Gee Japan Version (Limited Pressing)
1. Shuo Xian – limited (ordered) (arrived)

Fansite goods – shipping not collected (ordered)
1. Valerie (hyunseung’s slogan) (arrived)
2. Winnie Tan (hyunseung’s slogan) (arrived)

Welcome Back to Beast Airline Concert Goodies
1. Eunice – mousepad (PAID) (arrived)
2. Mari – Photobook and Clear File Set (PAID $40) (arrived)

B2UTY 1st Ceremony T-shirt
1. Jessica Tan (arrived)

Asmama items
1. Gordon Ong (necklace) (ordered) (arrived)

Big Bang 4.5 Album
1. Nurfieyana (ordered) (arrived)

Bran New Kiss
1. Siew Xin (arrived)

Fansite items
1. Jermin (lovesomeys and theoriginal joker slogan) (ordered) (arrived)
2. Elaine (lovesomeys slogan) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Official File Set
1. Angela (ordered) (arrived)

Beast 1st Concert Making Book
1. Mizuhara Misha (ordered) (arrived)

GD Heartbreaker
1. Shanying (ordered) (arrived)

2NE1 first mini album
1. Germaine (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ In Heaven Special edition
1. Bev Tang (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Clear File set2
1. Mages (ordered) (arrived)

SM Town The Warmest Gift
1. Giggs Lee (ordered) (arrived)

Super Junior Super Show Concert Book
1. Jillian Ng (ordered) (arrived)

Beast 1st Live Concert DVD
1. Jacquelyn (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Slogan
1. Jessica x2 (to refund 2) (arrived)
2. Lina (arrived)

B.A.P Photobook
1. Yazin (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Big Bang Crown Lightstick ver3
1. Jessica (BB lightstick) (arrived)

Beast Midnight Sun Limited Edition
1. Zaty (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

Star 1 Sept Issue – Beast
1. Evelyn (ordered) (shipped) (arrived)

2013 Calendars and Diaries
1. Sohsir (SNSD diary) (ordered) (arrived)

Beast Beautiful Show in Seoul Making Book
1. Vanessa Yeo (ordered) (arrived)

Beast meets B2uty
1. Vanessa Yeo (ordered – P) (arrived)

Beast BodyArt DVD
1. Vanessa Yeo (ordered) (arrived)

1. Jia Wang (ordered) (arrived)

JYJ The Magazine
1. Faith Ng (all 3) (ordered) (arrived)

CNBLUE – Can’t Stop Special Edition
1. Mohammed Yazin x3 (ordered) (arrived)

Jaejoong – WWW Repackage
1. Sofia (ordered) (arrived)

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